Three Youths Filmed TikTok Video Sitting On TN Police Van’s Bonnet, Cops Make Them Regulate Traffic

source: toi

Three youths in Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu were reportedly seen making Tik Tok video on the bonnet of a police escort van. To teach youths a lesson, the Tuticorin police employed them in traffic management duties on Wednesday.

A Tik Tok turned costly 

The youths who seemed to be in their teenage climbed on the bonnet of the van that was stationed in Caldwell Colony in the city on Tuesday. The van attached to the armed reserve unit of the district police was taken to a workshop at Caldwell Colony when the boys made the short video. One of them recorded it while the two others sat on the bonnet and acted.


source: mobygeek

The video went viral on social media platforms on Tuesday night and this was where the police captured the attention. On Wednesday morning, the youths were asked by Tuticorin South police. One of the youths is a BA English graduate from Munisamipuram while the two teenagers are from Levinjipuram.

Traffic management 

Sporting orange reflective jackets, they helped the traffic police in handling traffic in the busy market area from 9 am to 1 pm. They were provided with snacks and lunch and were asked to come for a similar shift in the evening.

source: toi

In the meantime, one of them did not have a pair of slippers, and the police got him one. The city police, however, claimed that it was not a punishment but an opportunity to help the youth understand the importance of policing.


“It is not punishment. It was their choice. The boys had expressed their willingness to be part of the police force. They said they had not intended to tarnish the image of the police by making the video. We allowed them to serve the public along with the police,” said deputy superintendent of police in Tuticorin town sub-division R Prakash.