Thousands Gather For Last Rites Of Mentally Challenged Beggar Who Took only Re 1 In Alms

We have seen many final goodbyes, even the time when Puneeth Rajkumar departed thousands flocked to pay last tributes but this time it is for a ragpicker. Thousands of people turned out in Hadagali town of Vijay Nagar district to bid final goodbye to mentally challenged beggar who died after suffering serious injuries in a road accident. Huchcha Basya, 45, was hit by a bus on November 12. He was admitted to a hospital but could not survive.

What Made This Poor Man So Great?

Photos and videos of Basya’s final rites went viral on social media showing thousands of people turning out on streets to show their respect for him. His mortal remains were taken in a procession with music being played by a band on the arterial roads. People recalled how Basya took only Re 1 as alms from a person and returned the excess amount. He would not take more money even if forced.



Locals believed it would bring good luck to give Basya alms. “Whatever he used to say, it turned out to be true, that’s why people had respect for him,” a local said. “He was seen as a good luck charm and everyone respected him,” added another person. Indeed some are great not because they were born with great privileges but with their deeds of lifetime!

Source : The freepress Journal