Those Who Bow Before Modi’s Wrong Decisions Follow Hindutva : Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is once again in the spotlight for his scathing attack on BJP governance especially Modi and Modism ideologies. In his recent public addressal Gandhi lashed out saying that those who bow before the wrong decisions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi are the ones who follow hinduism.

Hindu vs Hindutva

Rahul Gandhi said those who face challenges head on are Hindus and those who run away from problems out of fear are the ones who follow Hindutva. “Those who believe in the ideology of Hindutva bow before anyone — they bow before the British and they bow before money because there is no truth in their hearts,” Mr Gandhi said in a virtual address to a Congress training camp organized by the Rajasthan unit of the party.


He also said a prime minister from the Congress would have resigned for failing to discharge his duty had China occupied Indian territory. “Whereas the RSS people are engaged in hiding the violation of India’s borders by China under the Modi regime,” a release issued by the Congress quoted the former party chief as saying.


Rahul Gandhi addressing the media

Persons Who Runs Away Cannot folow Any Duty

Mr Gandhi said he had once asked a gathering of Congress workers whether there was anyone among them who had run away from home and no one answered in the affirmative, adding that if the same question is asked at an RSS meeting, everyone would say “yes”. He said a person who runs away cannot fulfill any duty.

The Congress leader alleged that those associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) are spreading hatred and fear in the country. “We will not go back even an inch in our struggle. This is our ‘Lakshmanrekha’. The BJP’s ‘Lakshmanrekha’ is power and for the sake of power, it has always been changing the ‘Lakshmanrekha’ of its ideology, whereas the ‘Lakshmanrekha’ for the Congress is truth and we Congressmen stand by the truth,” he said.




Source : TOI