This Tweet to PM Modi Costed Comedian Kapil Sharma a Whooping 9 lakh Rupees!

Comedian Kapil Sharma who is currently the talk of the town took to Twitter and Instagram to share a small clip from his first stand-up special, Kapil Sharma: I am not done yet which will stream on Netflix on 28 January 2022. With this also came some surprises and news for the people and his fans.

Kapil in this video shared speaks about how it is a habit of the Punjabis to joke around and it comes naturally for them. He added, “I did not know it was something you could get paid for”. He also bought into the limelight the tweet he made to PM Modi which he very humbly accepts as a drunk tweet.


“I left for the Maldives instantly, I lived there for 8-9 days. The moment I reached the Maldives, I asked them for a room with no internet. They asked, ‘Have you got married?’ I replied, ‘No, I just tweeted.’ My stay cost me Rs 9 lakh. That one line cost me that much,” he said in the video.

This was in fact one of the few controversies that Kapil Sharma was surrounded with and he actually went underground to evade the wrath of the public!

Kapil very jokingly added that he wanted to sue Twitter because it did not warn his followers that it was a ‘drunk tweet’. He also added that some of the tweets were his responsibility while others were a result of liquor brands like Jack Daniels, Jhonny Walker among others!


Kapil Sharma apart from successfully running his show on TV for many years has also acted in films that include Firangi and Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon. Let us look forward to this special to know many such stories of the famous Kapil Sharma.