This Pakistani Bride From Lahore Wears Jewellery Made Of Tomatoes Instead Of Gold

source: timesnow

What is the most expensive thing that you can imagine when it comes to affording an object? Expensive cars, diamonds, and jewelry- or maybe a tomato. Not for us but Pakistan has some issues to work when it comes to buying a red bright tomato. A bride in Lahore Pakistan is seen wearing a golden outfit matched with a necklace, earrings, bangles, and hair accessories – all made out of tomatoes. Twitter just cannot pretend to brush aside the incident, rather they have decided to take a laugh.

No jewelry but tomatoes

A video straight from Lahor has proven to be the best thing on the internet for a while where a bride is seen replacing gold jewelry with ornaments made of tomatoes during her wedding.


source: latestly

“Gold prices are on the rise. Tomatoes have also become very expensive. That is why I chose to wear tomatoes instead of gold at my wedding,” the bride said. She also stated that she has received pine nuts in envelopes as her wedding giveaway.

Skyrocketing price for tomatoes 

It’s not that she has done this comical act to make fun of herself, it is for sure she has given a message to the Pakistan government about the insane price of tomatoes in the country. As per the reports, the average highest price of tomatoes previously stood at Rs 180 per kg, however, it saw massive growth as high as Rs 300 per kg in several parts of the country.

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Pakistan government previously said it is considering buying tomatoes from Iran after its supply was hammered by the absence of import from India and the prices of the tomato skyrocketed between Rs 180 per kg to Rs 300 per kg in several parts of the country.


A two-minute-and-20-second-long clip of the interview has gone viral online since it was posted on Twitter on Tuesday. Watch the interview below:

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