This Old-School Tea Shop in Shivajinagar Serves City’s Best Sulaimani Chai And Samosas

savera tea shop bangalore
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Did you ever imagine that a cup of chai could draw you to Shivajinagar rather than a plate of delicious Biryani? Well, for a matter of fact, this could become a reality in the coming days if you get to know about this tiny tea joint that stands in this locality.

Established several years ago, Savera Tea Shop is the go-to place in Shivajinagar for some hot mind-refreshing chai and a couple of deep-fried spicy samosas. Located on the Broadway Road near the Beef Market in Shivajinagar, Savera Tea Shop is open throughout the day on every day of the week.


The Sulaimani Chai

Selling a very simple menu, Savera Tea Shop serves probably the best cup of chai in this area. Apart from the extremely special Sulaimani Chai, you get to taste the regulars like the Black and the Lemon Tea too. All items are priced at around Rs.20 and you could easily afford to partner your hot cup of beverage with a plate of samosas. While the normal Samosa will cost you Rs.10, you will have to shell out 2 bucks extra to grab a bite of the Egg Samosa. To help you host a Samosa Party at home or even at this joint, the option to purchase a kilogram of Special Samosa at Rs. 320 is also on offer here.

savera tea shop bangalore
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Crumbling Interiors

If you are extremely particular about your surroundings while you are enjoying food, then this Tea shop might not be the perfect place for you. Located in a street that could have been cleanlier, Savera Tea Shop might not score marks with its ambiance. While the big blue board announcing the name of the joint can help you easily locate the joint, the crumbling interiors could be a cause of concern here.

That being said, the service is to the point at this restaurant. The staff is attentive and you hardly come across any hurdles, of course, apart from worrying about your calorie count for the day.


savera tea shop bangalore
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Leaving aside the CCD’s and the Chai Point’s, we hardly come across any old-school shops which are dedicated entirely to our favorite beverages. Savera Tea Shop fulfills this criterion and hence, it has become one of the most happening midnight spots in Shivajinagar. The fact that it stays open well into the night is what that clicks with this restaurant. A refreshing cup of chai at midnight is one experience that you ought not might want to miss here.

Sulaimani Chai is something you might try at this joint. Served hot with a layer of mint on the top, this cup of liquid can wake you up from the deepest of slumbers. Of course, this affair is incomplete without a plate of the Irani Samosas which are at their best here. And guess what, you will have to spend under Rs. 20 for this experience.