This Minister Sets An Example By Cleaning A Toilet In A Government Office, Sends Out A Message


The energy minister of Madhya Pradesh, Pradhuman Singh Tomar has set an example by cleaning a public toilet in the commissioner office in Gwalior.

A woman state government employee complained about the sanitation condition of the women’s toilet. After that, the minister took it upon himself to clean it. He reached out to the local body officials to give him the materials to clean with which he later got down to clean the toilet. After cleaning the toiler, he spoke about the importance of hygiene in workplaces, especially how it causes difficulty for female employees. He also urged the employees of the office to take responsibility to keep the toilets clean and urged the officers to keep a check on the toilets. He said,


“Prime Minister Narendra Modi to MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan makes continuous efforts to ensure cleanliness. Offices should be clean.”

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This Is Not The First Time

Tomar, who shifted to BJP from Congress in March, he urged the revenue department commissioner RP Bharti to take special care of the grievances and conveniences of the female staff in the government offices and also asked her to take action against those who dirty the toilets.

In fact, this is not the first time Tomar has come forward to clean up public places. Earlier this year, in January, he volunteered to clean garbage near a warehouse in the city of Indore while he was on a visit to the warehouse near the Bada Ganpati locality. Speaking to reporters, he told,

“It is the duty of every citizen to keep their environs clean. Filth breeds diseases like dengue, malaria.”


Source: India Times