This Man claims People of Bengaluru are ‘Unstylish’; his chart shows Dressing Sense of Indian Cities

This Twitter user shares a chart that explains how certain cities in India choose to dress. He shares, “how to dress based on where you are”

How to dress in cities

Dressing properly in India can be difficult, as what’s right goes immensely from city to city and region to region. Variable factors like weather, complex cultural differences, etc., go into account. Also, the people of India have a very unique fashion sense, which can make it a bit tricky for outsiders and other visitors to comprehend.


On Twitter, Ayush Pranav created a chart based that showed how one should dress in four of the major cities in India. He shares, “how to dress based on where you are” and added the chart. The four cities in the chart were Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai. The cities were categorized into four categories – stylish, uncomfortable, unstylish, and comfortable.

According to the chart, Bengaluru falls in the comfortable and unstylish category. Mumbai comes in as stylish and comfortable category. While Delhi falls in the stylish and uncomfortable category. Chennai, on the other hand, falls on the uncomfortable and unstylish box. The chart is inspired by a similar chart that was based on four American cities – Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

The now-viral tweet has made the internet debate about the subject. The tweet has been viewed over 206K times and has received more than 1.8 K likes and many retweets and comments. Many agreed with the chart and took it lightly, while some called it a broad stereotype. People who live in these four cities gave their opinion on the chart.


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