“Prashanth Neel Is A Very Bad Narrator”, Yash’s Funny Banter At The KGF Director

Kannada star Yash, who is busy promoting his film KGF: Chapter 2′ says laughingly that Prashanth Neel ‘is a very bad narrator’ but his ideas have made the film remarkable.

Hearing the KGF story initially

In a recent interview with Baradwaj Rangan, with Galatta Plus publication, Yash was asked about his thought after hearing the KGF story initially.


“So when Prashant comes to you after meeting with the producers, Hombale Films, narrates to you the story of KGF and shows this is what I have. How was your reaction?” asked Rangan.

“My reaction was not what you(Rangan) are expecting. He (Prashanth Neel) is a bad narrator,” Yash laughs.

“If he had not done Ugramm (staring Sri Murali), I am sure nobody would have believed him. So I always make fun of him. Now that people know what he is capable of (after KGF: Chapter 1), initially when he came to me and narrated the KGF story, I couldn’t understand a thing,” Chuckles Yash.


“However, I could see whatever he was trying to communicate. The story which he had was very small in the beginning. The story was all about Rocky capturing the mine, the fights, and the mother’s love. I asked, why was everything put in a single story? It can be made large. The emotion of the mother in the KGF movie can be highlighted in an extended way. It could go commercial,” Yash says how Prashanth agreed to him later and made it two stories.

Mutual understanding between the duo 

Further Yash explains how Prashanth Neel pick him in the film and the mutual understanding between the both blossomed.

“I fell in love with his work when I had seen Ugramm, similarly he had seen my films as well. So this is how it all began. I always believe that directors bring in that perspective. They have the angle to see an actors’ potential. We had mutual understanding in various aspects,” Yash said.


Speaking on the statement where he describes ‘Prashanth Neel as a poor narrator’, Yash clarifies that it is what he usually does but ends up making the best of the scene.

“I can understand what he is trying to say when he narrates a scene, but the way he says it verbally, it is a bit tricky,” Yash said, adding, “As I have seen him in real life and worked with him, If he narrates a scene, there is no excitement really. But if you give him some time he will make that scene happen on the screen and you realize what he was trying to say. That’s his strength. It is just amazing.”

Here is the interview: