This Is Why Haldiram’s Is Facing A Huge Controversy, Twitter Reacts

Haldiram’s has recently landed into a controversy after the popular food chain displayed Urdu text instead of Hindi in packaging on Navratri namkeen.

Controversy over Urdu

In the viral video on Twitter, a reporter can be seen asking the store manager of a Haldiram outlet for an Urdu depiction on the packaging of a namkeen mixture.


‘Falhari Mixture’ is a popular snack sold by the company. It is a snack that consists of a sweet and salty mix of peanuts and potatoes with mild spices. As per the video, the description on the back of the package is written in Urdu while the main text on the front is in English.

Viral Video

In the viral video that surfaced on Twitter, the female reporter strongly asks the manager, who is also a woman, what Haldiram’s trying to hide facts by concealing the description of the namkeen packet in Urdu.

Replying to the question, the manager tells that the food inside the packet is not a health hazard, and then she asks the reporter to leave the store. She says, “If you want to have this you can have it, if you don’t want to have it, you can just keep this here and go from my outlet.”


Twitter Reactions