This is Sakkath: Bengaluru Advocate Turns His Car Into A ‘Mini Garden’

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Bengaluru, which is known for being a garden city, it is true that it no longer carries a green cover around the city. The government is making all efforts to revive flora and fauna in the region but the obstacles such as lack of rain, excess garbage dumping and drying of the lakes are making the job much more complicated. Between all, an advocate from the city has decided to raise awareness among people in a unique way. He has turned the rooftop of his car into a mini garden to explain to people the value of adopting greenery.

An Idea to bring back greenery into the city

K Suresh a lawyer has planted asparagus and tulsi at the top of his Tata Nano car. Suresh explained the reason behind this initiative, he said he wanted to create awareness amongst the citizens and the benefits of having a car garden. Nevertheless, this objective will encourage everyone to bring back greenery in Garden City.


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“If the same is expanded to public transport buses and personal cars that run in Bengaluru, a patch of green atop them would contribute to a larger lung space than Cubbon Park or Lalbagh put together. What a movement would it turn out to be?” Suresh shed light on his vision,” said Suresh.

At first, his idea was turned down by his friends and gardening experts. Suresh said, his idea was seen as a crazy and non-feasible thought. “Even though I saw this as a citizen’s contribution towards embarking on a personal initiative to encourage greenery back to the Garden City, the initial reactions that I got were not positive,” he informed.

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Later on, his approach was finally supported by Lingappa who was a former gardener in Lalbagh during the Republic Day flower show in 2018. “He supported my idea and happily agreed to help me set up my dream garden atop my car,” he said.


A 15-square-feet garden over a car

The 15-square-feet garden, which cost the advocate around Rs 3500 was ready within a week on February 2, 2018. Since then he is riding the car all over the city to create awareness. As reported, it hardly takes five minutes a day to maintain the garden.

“Once in two months, I use organic fertilizers to ensure the plants get their required dose of nutrients. Else, watering the plants while washing the car is no sort of a task at all,” he said.

source: newsindiaexpress

An advocate in the High Court of Karnataka, originally from Agumbe is planning to file a PIL, urging policymakers to encourage it among other citizens to create awareness on the benefits of having a car garden. “It is a pleasant experience to try explaining the concept to all those who come to me. On the other side, I haven’t seen even one doing the same which keeps me thinking,” he said.