This Is How Netizens Think KRK’s Deshdrohi 2 Can Challenge Yash’s KGF 2

Twitter is going bonkers ever since Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK announced that his movie Deshdrohi 2 had begun shooting. Some even claimed that KRK could challenge Yash’s KGF Chapter 2.

Deshdrohi 2

KRK’s next movie is planned to be a sequel to the 2008 movie Deshdrohi which starred KRK himself in the lead role and was also written, produced by him. The movie was disregarded by critics and is often regarded as one of the worst Bollywood movies ever made.


Kamal R Khan took to his Twitter account and shared a poster of his upcoming movie that read, ‘KRK in as Deshdrohi 2, directed by KRK, written by KRK.”

The movie’s poster also asserted that it will be ‘bigger than Bahubhali’, he accompanied the poster with the caption, “Shooting is going to start soon.”

As KRK made the announcement, Netizens had trolled the filmmaker and said that the KGF franchise was now in danger.


Twitter reactions

After the poster was viral on social media, netizens reacted and shared hilarious memes and jokes. One user wrote, “#KGFChapter2 and #RRR records are in danger now. #Bollywood and #South should not release any film at least for a year when #Deshdrohi2 releases.”