This Is How Cafe Coffee Day Outlets Inspired Biking Culture In Bengaluru

cafe coffee day bike culture

The death of Cafe Coffee Day founder VG Siddhartha is still a big shock. As the coffee lovers mourn his loss, it was not just the beverage that made a CCD outlet so important to many. These outlets are hangout joints for the youngsters, a place of recreation and to unwind. According to Bengalurean bikers, CCD outlets were even instrumental in inspiring biking culture in the city. 

cafe coffee day bike culture

Outlets On Highways Inspired Biking

Bikers in Bengaluru claim that outlets of CCD on highways inspired the biking culture in the city. One thing that is common to every biking club in Bengaluru and even in the other cities is that the first trip or the rite of passage is always to the nearest CCD located on a national highway. Not surprisingly, it really seems to be true as more often a group of bikes is parked outside the CCD’s as the riders chill out enjoying their favorite cappuccino. 

The favorites of city bikers are the Maddur CCD and the Kolar CCD. Founder of Bangalore Roadies and entrepreneur from the city, Venkatesh G said, “We were shell-shocked when we heard about his death because he was a big motivation. We’d choose our trips based on the location of CCDs.”

Siddhartha Supported Bikers By Sponsoring Events

The president of Bajaj Avenger Club (India), Srinidhi S Hebbur said, “Siddhartha always supported bikers by sponsoring events, hosting free coffee parties and other fun activities. When we plan long trips, we always look for the nearest Coffee Day outlets on the route.” 

CCD’s also contributed towards making the night rides quite popular as these cafes are open 24/7 and quite safe thereby ruling out any concern about safety. Akshaya Kashyap who is an independent biker said, “Siddhartha is a cult figure; he created something we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. While Starbucks is trying to make its way into the Indian market, our local hero had done it already. Biking long distances is never a worry because we know there’s a CCD every 100km.” 

cafe coffee day bike culture

Yet another independent biker, Sanjana Reddy said that women took to biking because of availability of a CCD outlet around whenever needed, She said, “Clean toilets used to be an issue earlier but CCD restrooms are on a par with those of any five-star hotel.”




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