This is An Awesome Place in Malleswaram To Eat The Authentic Davanagere Style Benne Dose

benne dosa

Being in Bengaluru, a day doesn’t go well without having Dose and it is by far the most loved breakfast item of the city. Over a period of time, the silicon city has fairly mastered the art of making all kinds of Dose. Be it the regular Masala Dose or the chocolate dose to those 99 varieties; this city has it all.

However, Benne Masala Dose stands unique and if the word Davanagere gets attached to it then nothing like it. There are few places in Bengaluru where you can have the authentic Davanagere special Dose. Here is one we have found in Malleswaram and the name is Malleswaram Dose Corner.

Come here for the authentic Davanagere Benne Masale

Benne Dose is essentially a crispy dosa cooked on a wood-fired stove with generous amounts of butter served with potato palya (made of boiled mashed potatoes) and spicy coconut chutney. This dose can be identified by large holes formed on the surface as a result of the carbon dioxide formed while the baking soda mixes with the rice batter. Add a lot of butter to this and you get an aroma so intoxicating that you’ll forget everything else!

Crispy on the bottom, soft on the top, and the magic of butter – Benne Masale here has its own taste and it is one of the kind. Aloo palya served here is white in color unlike yellow that goes with usual batter. A good-some coconut chutney, super spicy will make a great combo. Take a byte of Dose with aloo palya coupled with chutney and just travel to heaven; literally!

Note: Please don’t ask for Sambar because they don’t serve and it doesn’t go well with this kind of Dose.

benne dosa

A Tiny Little Place Which Is Underrated

Malleswaram Dose corner is a small tiffin center which is quite underrated. As the area is full of iconic places, somewhere this Dose corner goes unnoticed but it is no less to any. It has limited indoor seating, hardly 3-4 chairs but has enough space on the footpath to handle the crowd. It is very well maintained and cook here knows the true definition of awesome dose.

So, when you are in Malleswaram, do visit this place and fall in love again with the city and its food culture.

benne dosa

Open: 7:30 AM – 9:30 PM | 8 AM – 2:30 PM and 5- 9:45 PM (Sunday)

Where: 251, 17th Cross Road, Malleshwaram West, Bengaluru