“This Is a Witch-hunt”: Ashneer Grover Slams BharatPe Board

Ashneer Grover resigned from BharatPe on Monday due to many reasons. Post his resignation, in an interview with the Economic Times he has slammed the BharatPe Board for their work and allegedly for leaking a few details.

What is he saying?

In an hour long interview, Ashneer has primarily called this whole process that was initiated against him as a ‘witch hunt’. He called it so because it was supposed to be confidential process and was supposed to be within the boundaries of the company but the process and the details of it have been leaked or even made public!


The minutes of the meeting and so many such details have been given away to the media from the board. He says that BharatPe is a private company and the process undertaken has to be private and cannot be made public, hence this is not a process but a witch hunt he says.

He says does not want to be a part of the witch hunt anymore and hence he resigned. Even when a question was asked by the interviewer he said, “You know this because the details were leaked”.