This Iconic Russell Market is Simply A Timeless Beauty, One Of Bengaluru’s Oldest Markets

Russell Market

Started off in the 1930’s as a market to cater to the British who had settled in India, Russell Market is today the oldest but the most active marketplace in the city. From flowers to meats and vegetables, this place has everything for your daily needs. We at MetroSaga are here to take you back in time, at this timeless and thriving market.

Symbolic of the Hindu and Muslim communities working together, the architecture of this place is a testimony to the marvel of the British expertise during that time. Incorporating the Hindu architecture in bulbous domes, capped with Gothic spires and capturing the elements of Islamic architecture in the scalloped arches, this masterpiece was initiated in 1927 by the then Municipal Commissioner TB Russell.

A Testimony to the changing times

This place as we see goes back to a time when shopping malls were non-existent. It retains that element even today as each corner has a small story associated with it, and people who know the place would rather pick their groceries from here than from a departmental grocery store. They insist that this place is a testimony to the changing times and of how shopping in malls has reduced the charm of a marketplace, with the only possible tales being that of corruption and greed.

Russell Market

Despite the fire that ravaged Russell market in 2012, the vendors united when needed and made sure that the place was up and running in no time. This happened despite the inadequate compensations they had been given on losing their livelihood. This has brought the community working there even closer.

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Bond that Kept the market thriving

Each part of Russell Market has its own charm; be it flowers, vegetables, fruits, meat or spices. Even foreigners come down here for an old-world feel of the marketplace. Despite the changing times, there are customers who would rather travel all the way to come here than to go to their nearest mall. This market receives it’s fair share of imported goods as a result, and most of these shops have been run by specific families, handing it down to their younger generations to carry on the tradition. One wouldn’t be surprised to see a customer and a shopkeeper greet each other like close friends or family members. Such is the bond that the patrons have developed here. Such is the faith that has kept this market thriving and will continue to do so.

Russell Market

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Nearest Food Points

Once you’re done with the shopping, you can always step out to the nearest food joints for a plate of biryani or juicy kebabs. If it’s the vegetarian in you that holds you back, you could try out the South Indian food joints near the Shivajinagar bus station.

Russell Market

It comes as no surprise that whatever food products that are available in Bengaluru come to Russell market first. Despite the lack of sophistication and government support, it is places like these that one can always count on, for the freshest supply of goods. Come on, Bengaluru, let’s pay Russell Market a visit!

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