This Heartwarming Video Of Arjun Sarja And Dhruva Sarja Welcoming Jr. Chiru Will Surely Move You To Tears

A couple of days ago, the baby shower ceremony of Meghana Raj was held in Bengaluru. Friends, relatives, and prominent members from the Kannada Film Industry were in attendance at the event.

It has been a tough year for the Sarja family

For the Sarja family, the last few months have been tough to digest. Chiranjeevi Sarja, the young and promising actor from the family, passed away earlier this year. Chiru had got married to Meghana Raj just two years ago, and both were expecting a child. The news of Chiru’s passing away was a major setback to the industry as well.


Meghana Raj’s baby shower ceremony

Meghana Raj’s baby shower ceremony was held recently. Chiranjeevi Sarja’s birthday (17th October) was also celebrated on the occasion. A video from the event has now been released on Youtube. 

Titled ‘Hearty Welcome To Junior Chiru’, the titular phrase was coined by Arjun Sarja welcoming the newest addition to the family along with celebrating Chiru’s birthday. Arjun said that his family has been riddled by negativity in recent months, and hence, to bring some positive energy, a get-together had been arranged.

‘It’s time to move on’

Despite it being extremely difficult, the action-star said that it was time to move on. He further assured to Meghana that for the rest of her and the kid’s life, Arjun and the family would stand like a rock.


Dhruva Sarja was also seen in the video being by Meghana’s side for most of the time. Both Dhruva and Arjun then started singing ‘Hearty Welcome To Junior Chiru’, bringing a smile on everyone’s faces, most importantly on that of Meghana’s.

The video that has been released will definitely make your day. Here is the link to the heartwarming clip: