This Farmer Sold His Only Cow To Get A Smartphone To Enable His Daughter To Attend Online Class


The lockdown due to the novel coronavirus pandemic has been harsh. While some of them have suffered from anxiety, many have face financial challenges as well. A large chunk has been the economically oppressed class.

As schools across the country have been shut, many institutions have switched to online classes and have advised their students to attend the online classes. India, unfortunately, has been a country that doesn’t have a wider internet penetration, and also it is not as affordable for the poor. One of them, Kuldeep Kumar, a farmer in Himachal Pradesh, was forced to sell his cow which was his only source of income just so that he could buy a smartphone for his children to join online classes.


Kuldeep (1)

According to a report in the Tribune, the teachers of the school had told him that he needed to buy a smartphone if he wishes his children to continue their studies. At the time when he was told this, he didn’t even have 500 rupees. Initially, he tried getting a loan from banks and other private lenders. He needed a sum of 6000 rupees. Eventually, he was forced to sell his cow in order to buy a smartphone for his children.

Post the news was covered in the media, many came forward to help him. One of them was actor Sonu Sood who asked people to provide his details. Finally, the reporter, Ravinder Sood, who covered the story shared the details of Kudleep’s bank account details.