This Bengaluru couple sold house, left jobs to sell ‘Samosas’; Now earns ₹12 lakhs daily

A couple in Bengaluru gave up their high-paying jobs to take up a samosa business in the city, which is earning them lakhs a day.

Earning lakhs with Samosas

A couple quit their high-paying corporate jobs to start a samosa business, which earns them more than their high-paying jobs. The couple even sold their dream apartment in 2015 and opened “Samosa Singh” in Bengaluru the next year.


Shikhar Veer Singh pursued Biotechnology and later did an MTech degree from the Institute of Life Sciences in Hyderabad. He was a Principal Scientist at Biotech giant Biocon. Whereas, his wife Nidhi’s first job was as a Business Development Associate with a salary of Rs 17, 000. She later went on to see huge success at a pharma company in Gurugram where her salary package was Rs 30 lakh when she quit.

The couple left their jobs and moved to Bengaluru, where they opened “Samosa Singh” in 2016. Despite coming from a good family background, the couple launched their business with their own savings. They even sold off their dream apartment for Rs 80 lakh, where they had stayed for only one day, as they needed funds to extend their kitchen. The Singhs bought a factory in Bengaluru with the money and as expected, their business roared.

The Samosa Singh

Surprisingly, Samosa Singh’s turnover is at Rs 45 crore today, and the couple sells 30,000 samosas every month, bringing their daily earnings to around Rs 12 lakh. The duo has introduced several innovative samosas on their menu, such as Manchurian samosa, Kadai paneer samosa, and many more.


The idea of doing such a business came to Shikhar when he was studying. He wanted to sell samosas outside State Bank of India (SBI) branches. However, Nidhi shot down the idea suggesting he focus on becoming a scientist.

But, one day, after seeing a boy crying for samosa at a food court Shikhar was persuaded that his hunch was right and that Samosa was the most popular snack in India. He quit the job and moved to Bengaluru and they opened their Samosa Singh.

They already have nearly 40 stores across the country and are now planning to expand their business further.