This Age-Old Siddique Kabab Centre in Bengaluru Serves City’s Best Kababs At Pocket-Friendly Price

Siddique Kabab Centre

The Ramzan season might have just passed us by but there is one festival that exists throughout the year. It is the Food Festival. And if you are a resident of Bengaluru, then this festival is all the more special. That is because we have a number of Temples to celebrate your festival. The Food Temples. And Siddique Kabab Centre is definitely one of them.

It is extremely easy to find the Siddique Kabab Centre. Just type Frazer Town on your Google Map and on the way, you would notice a huge crowd on the main road opposite the Coles Park. That’s it. You have arrived at the hugely famous restaurant. The crowd would basically consist of impatient non-vegetarians trying to get into the 3-storeyed restaurant or waiting for their hot piping takeaways.

Kabab and its cousins

Siddique Kabab Centre does boast of a diverse menu that covers almost every item that would be on the wishlist of a non-veg lover. However, this restaurant is famous for a few items which you must taste if you happen to visit this joint.

Although a variety of kabab’s is available here, the traditional Chicken Kabab starting at just Rs 55 (4 pieces) is extremely tasty here. For a regular visitor, Grilled Chicken is a must-have here. Apart from these dishes, the Rumali Roti – Butter Chicken combo, Nizam Rolls and the Kalmi Kabab are also in high demand at this restaurant.

Siddique Kabab Centre

The best place for Takeaways

Siddique Kabab Centre is a true definition of the word “Indulgence”. If you are someone who values taste above mood and ambiance, then this joint is the perfect place for you.
Located in Frazer Town, the 3-storeyed building does seem disheveled and although the top floor offers you some breeze, the restaurant is a good choice for takeaways. Considering the ever-increasing population inside the hotel, the service is a little slow and at times, it might test your patience. The wash-basin is dirty and hence, the quality of hygiene might disappoint you.

However, none of these factors hampers the taste as Siddique Kabab Centre is indeed one of the best non-vegetarian hotels in the city.

Siddique Kabab Centre


Extremely tasty food at a reasonable price is the USP of Siddique Kabab Centre. The maximum price on the menu is Rs 230 at which you would get a full plate of Grilled Chicken. This quantity is enough to suffice if you are a group of 3. Roasted to perfection and perfectly spiced, Grilled Chicken is one of the famous dishes at this restaurant with plenty of repeat customers for this food item.

This restaurant is also the ideal place if you have to taste the family of Kababs. Starting from the traditional Chicken Kabab, this hotel serves you a number of variants of this dish comprising the likes of Lahsoni Kabab, Reshmi Kabab, Peshawari Kabab, Sikandari Kabab, Irani Kabab, Kalmi Kabab and more.

Siddique Kabab Centre

Open: 11 AM – 11 PM

Where: 66/5, Saint Johns Church Road, Sulthangunta, Pulikeshi Nagar, Bengaluru.




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