This 15-Year-Old Girl Cycled 24 Km Everyday To School And Secured 98.5 % In Class 10


Roshni Bhadouriya, a girl from a village in Madhya Pradesh has secured 98.5 percent in Class 10 exams and has also secured 8th rank in the state.

The 15-year-old girl from Ajnol cycled 24 kilometers to school that is situated in Mehgaon town every day. Roshni even braved the scorching heat in the summer and bore the downpouring of heavy rains and attended school. There were even times when she couldn’t reach her home back because of heavy rains. She said,


“I would have to spend the night at the house of my relative. Sometimes, it would be days before I could get back home.”

Roshni’s father, Purushottam Bhadouriya was beaming with pride while talking to the media. He said,

“All my children are good students, but this girl has made everyone proud. No one in these parts has ever scored such high marks. Of course, I want her to continue studying. I want to see her get big degrees and work in big firms in big cities.”

Roshni Wants To Become IAS Officer

Talking about future plans, Roshni spoke about her big aspirations and said,

“I want to join the IAS. I want to be a collector. I am told that a collector can do a lot of good work. I don’t know much about it, but I’d like to be a collector and bring change.”

Roshni (1)
Courtesy: India Times

Roshni has scored a perfect 100 in both Mathematics while she scored 96 in her favorite subject English. She spoke about her preparations,


“I was always attentive in class and focused on writing exactly what I had learned. I am thrilled to get such high marks. I want to clear the IAS exam so my father and I have decided to opt for mathematics in Class 11.”

Purushottam owns 4 acres of land. While it is tough for him to keep three children in school but the thought of stopping Roshni’s education never crossed his mind. His elder son is in class 12 and the youngest is in class 4. He said,

“It is tough with three children in today’s world, but I will not let my family have any problem. Besides, my kids are tough too.”


Source: The Times of India