10 Things You Should know about D V Gundappa, One of the Greatest Literary Mavericks of Karnataka

Quotes of D V Gundappa

There are some stalwarts who achieved the peak of a human life. And when it comes to writing a biography on them, a puny mortal like me gets subjected to a shaky start. When you are writing about D V Gundappa, the person, who for almost seven decades gave the best service to Kannada literature, definitely you can hear the bells ringing. Mention the name, DVG, and you are automatically reminded of Mankuthimmana Kagga. As a tribute to his work for Kannada literature and to an entire humanity in large, we are here with a compilation of read-worthy information about our very own Devanahalli Venkataramanaiah Gundappa (DVG).

D V gundappa

10 Things About D V Gundappa

1. It is very difficult to classify DVG as just a Kannada writer. In fact, he was a poet, journalist, chronicler, intellectual, Purohita (he used to conduct the ceremony at widow remarriage – shorn in those times), freedom fighter and also a polyglot.

2. It is surprising to see the proof of how easily DVG had access to stalwarts in every field, be it Sir M Visweswarayya, Sir M Puttanna Chetty, Dr. B R Ambedkar, M S Subbulakshmi and C Rajagopalachari. If you look at his period and biography, he has been in close association with four Diwans of the Mysore State including Sir MV.

3. The evergreen work of his, Mankutimmana Kagga got published in 1943. If you have read the book, it is almost similar to the verses of Sarvajna. But, unfortunately, this was also the year, DVG made a firm resolve to abstain from public life.

D V gundappa

4. His other works, Antahpura Geethagalu and Jivana Soundarya Mattu Sahitya are written with a profound knowledge of beauty and truth in various dimensions. You can understand the words, only when you have knowledge of the world.

5. No, it is not Mankutimmanna Kagga alone which DVG has written (more than 900 poems). There is also another book, the sequel to his earlier work, Marula Muniyana Kagga, which contains more than 800 poems. If you want to know of DVG’s caliber, then please go through these books. Even Kannadigas will not know this information. The main reason – we decided to include it in 10 things you should know about DVG.

6. D V Gundappa also started and edited a paper. It was titled The Karnataka. True to the writers’ nature, he did not take any funds from many of his followers and well-wishers. Started in 1913, it was closed in 1921.

7. His birth was in Mulbagal, Kolar district in 1887. Even though he did not study beyond matriculation, due to financial constraints, his interest to gain knowledge made him acquire great mastery over Kannada, English as well as Sanskrit.

Quotes of D V Gundappa

8. Do you know, his volumes of essays by name, are a reflection of history about the prominent personalities of his era, including the Literary Figures, Dewans of Mysore etc? Oh Yes, we forgot to include the name. It is Jnapaka Chitrashale. Prominent among his poetry works is Vasantha Kusumanjali.

9. He was among the few Kannada writers who served on various public bodies liked to Kannada literature and education. Prominent are Mysore University Senate, Kannada Sahitya Parishat, and Mysore Legislative Council. His work, Shrimad Bhagavadgita Tatparya Athava Jivanadharmayoga earned him the Sahitya Akademi Award.

10. In 1945, to spread knowledge among literature enthusiasts, he founded a new body called as Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA). The body hosted weekly lectures, group discussions, and debates.

D V gundappa

For his contribution to Kannada literature, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1974. The statue of DVG stands in Bugle Rock Park, Basavanagudi. There were very few writers who touched people’s hearts forever through their literary works. DVG was one among them. Here is a hearty salute to the soul!

Quotes of D V Gundappa from Manuktimmana Khagga

ಎಡವದೆಯೆ ಮೈಗಾಯವಡೆಯದೆಯೆ ಮಗುವಾರು ।
ನಡೆಯ ಕಲಿತವನು ಮತಿನೀತಿಗತಿಯಂತು ।।
ತಡವರಿಸಿ ಮುಗ್ಗರಿಸಿ ಬಿದ್ದು ಮತ್ತೆದ್ದು ಮೈ- ।
ದಡವಿಕೊಳುವವರೆಲ್ಲ ಮಂಕುತಿಮ್ಮ ।।

Quotes of D V Gundappa

ಬಾನೊಳಿರುವುದೆ ಪಕ್ಷಿ ಪಾರ್ವ ದಾರಿಯ ನಕ್ಷೆ ।
ಮೀನು ನೀರೊಳು ನುಸುಳೆ ಪಥನಿಯಮವಹುದೆ ।।
ಏನೊ ಜೀವವನೆಳೆವುದೇನೊ ನೂಕುವುದದನು ।
ನೀನೊಂದು ಗಾಳಿಪಟ ಮಂಕುತಿಮ್ಮ ।।

Manku Thimmana Khagga quotes

ಪಿರಿದೆಲ್ಲ ಮತನೀತಿಗಳಿಗಿಂತ ಜೀವಿತವು ।
ನೆರೆಬಂದ ನದಿ ದಡಕೆ ಬಾಗಿ ಪರಿಯುವುದೇಂ ।।
ಧರುಮಸೂಕ್ಷ್ಮದ ತಿಳಿವೆ ಲೋಕಸೂತ್ರದ ಸುಳಿವು ।
ಅರಸು ಜೀವಿತ ಹಿತವ ಮಂಕುತಿಮ್ಮ ।।

d v gundappa

ಸರಿಯಾಗಲಿಲ್ಲವದು ಸರಿಯಿದಲ್ಲವೆನುತ ।
ಹರಡಿಕೊಳಬೇಡ ಮುಳ್ಳನು ಹಾಸಿಗೆಯಲಿ ।।
ಕೊರೆಯಾದೊಡೇನೊಂದು ನೆರೆದೊಡೇನಿನ್ನೊಂದು ।
ಒರಟು ಕೆಲಸವೊ ಬದುಕು ಮಂಕುತಿಮ್ಮ ।।

Quotes of D V Gundappa

ತಂದೆ ಮಕ್ಕಳಿಗೆ ಹದಗೆಟ್ಟುದನು ಕಾಣೆಯಾ ।
ಹೊಂದಿರವರವರಹಂತೆಯು ಮೊಳೆಯುವನಕ ।।
ತಂದೆಯಾರ್ ಮಕ್ಕಳಾರ್ ನಾನೆಂಬುದೆದ್ದುನಿಲೆ ।
ಬಂಧ ಮುರಿವುದು ಬಳಿಕ ಮಂಕುತಿಮ್ಮ ।।

Manku Thimmana Khagga quotes

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