9 Awesome Things You can do with a New Table Saw


A table saw is a formidable piece of machinery. It can spin a razor-sharp blade thousands of times per second. With the addition of carbide, the blade can cut metal. Most table saws are used to cut wood. If you need to buy a budget table saw and are unsure what to buy, here is a shopping guide for table saws. Here’s a list of things to do with a new table saw.

1. Cut Pieces of Wood for a Wall Shelf

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The first thing to do with a table saw is cut several pieces of wood. These pieces of wood are going to be placed in brackets nailed to a wall. The result is a wall shelf. Wall shelves are stylish and make the room more open.

Start with a long, relatively thin piece of wood. Glide it slowly into the table saw blade. The goal is to cut the wood into a rectangular-shaped board. Each piece may need to be cut again to achieve the desired shape and size.

Before cutting, measure and mark the length and width of the board with a pencil. Use this as an outline while cutting.

2. Cut Angled Edged Drawers for Easy Pull

A cost-effective design for a chest of drawers will leave out knobs and handles. Instead, the drawer panel will have an angled edge, usually on the top side. The angled edged is easy to grasp and pull. This is a streamlined, minimalist design which complements most modern rooms.

The easiest way to cut angled edges is by tilting the table saw blade. Then, push the wood into the tilted blade. The result is a slanted cut. Make several boards like this and place them aside for building a chest of drawers. Here’s a list of affordable table saws.

3. Make Board Game Pieces to Play a Game

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A table saw can be used to carve game pieces out of wood. Several board games use wooden pieces including Scrabble and Dominoes. Now, you can make your own pieces. Start by measuring and marking increments on a piece of wood. The goal is to quickly cut each game piece without having to re-measure. Prepare to cut 10 game pieces at a time.

The game pieces should be rectangular or square. After creating the game pieces, write letters and symbols on them. You could also color each piece with a marker or paint.

4. Make a Bird Feeder

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One of the most popular projects that utilize a table saw is building a bird feeder. A wooden bird feeder can be constructed with pieces of wood that are cut with a table saw. The shape of the pieces is important. The roof of the bird feeder is typically rectangular. Two pieces of rectangular wood can be joined together to form the roof. The sides of the bird feeder could have a square shape. The windows can be made of plexiglass. Grooves can be cut into the wood to hold the plexiglass. The final product is a well-designed bird enclosure filled with bird food.

5. Cut Pieces of Plastic for Use in Various Applications

Sheets of plastic can be cut with a table saw. Simply push the plastic into the spinning saw blade. It’s safe and effective. One area of concern is heat generation and melting. To avoid melting the plastic, use a non-melt table saw blade. These types of blades are carbide tipped. It can cut through several types of plastic including corrugated polypropylene, Plexiglas, HDPE, Lexan, and acrylic sheets.

6. Cut Metal Rods into Smaller Segments for Various Applications

With a table saw, you can cut a metal rod into smaller segments. Use wooden blocks to guide the rod into the table saw blade. Sparks are likely to form. Small metal rods can be used to support small shelves. A small flag can be attached to a metal rod and displayed on a desk. It can also be used to support plants. Very large rods that need to be thrown out can be reduced in size by cutting it into several segments using a table saw. This is one way to dispose of old metal poles.

7. Make a Cutting Board

Another project to start this weekend is making a cutting board. A cutting board can be used to chop fruits, vegetables, and meats. To make a cutting board, straighten a 2X4 with a table saw. Then, cut it into several narrow pieces. Two of the pieces should be of the same size. Place these pieces at the right and left borders of the chopping board. In between these pieces, there should be four or five thin rectangular pieces. Glue all the pieces together. Line up one edge so it’s straight. Then, cut the other edge with a table saw to finish the cutting board. Use sandpaper to smoothen the surface.

8. Build a Wooden Storage Box

One more project that requires a table saw is building a wooden box that holds various items. You can build a square box with four pieces and a bottom slab. The four pieces should be the same size. The edges of the pieces should be cut at a 45-degree angle. Use a block with a 45-degree slant to keep the wood stable at a 45-degree angle. Then, push the block and the wood into the saw. Do this for each of the four pieces.Then cut a bottom slab. Put all the pieces together to make a box.

A table saw cuts things. It’s up to you to determine what needs to be cut. Also, there are thousands of projects that require wood, metal, or plastic. When you have a project that needs to be completed quickly, use a table saw. It’s the only tool you need to get the job done.

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