10 Adventurous Things to Know About Mullayanagiri, the Highest Peak in Karnataka


When people say that Karnataka is a heavenly land unexplored then it is true for many reasons. It is also a fact that Karnataka is least promoted among the tourist destinations in India but we pity that very fact. Unlucky and ill-fated are those who haven’t seen Karnataka to its full length and breadth. Well, but for the ones who wish to explore this Southern State known as Karunaadu, options out there has no edge. Among the major tourist attractions of Karnataka, Mullayanagiri takes a special place. It is said to be the highest peak in Karnataka blessed with gorgeous green and wondrous water bodies. So, come, let’s know more about Mullayanagiri on today’s read.

Things to Know About Mullayanagiri


Mullayanagiri gets its name from a small temple located atop, dedicated to Mullappa Swamy, a saint who meditated at the cave near the summit.



It is regarded as the highest peak in Karnataka with an altitude of 1930 meters. Also, it is considered as the fourth highest peak between Himalayas and Nilgiris, only after Vavulmala, Chembara, and Banasura Hill.

mullayanagiri adventure


Mullayanagiri is located in the Chandra Drona Hill ranges of the Western Ghats at a distance of 20 km from Chikmagalur.

Things to know about Mullayanagiri


The mountain is famous for the penance of Siddhas and Yogis. Caves up there are accessible and are not deep. With Mullappa Swamy temple atop, it is believed that the hill has seen the strong Siddha culture around the belt.



Mullayanagiri is largely noted as one of the best treks in South India and the most adventurous too being at such a staggering height.

mullayanagiri adventure


The Trek route to the peak usually begins from Sarpadaari, connected with Chikmagaluru by road. This is a 3 km long trek, fairly steep which takes 1.5 hours to reach the peak. On the other hand, the direct road is also available which takes about 30 mins to reach the summit.



The real adventure lies on the way to the peak. It is simply a breathtaking venture and the landmarks include a small stream, a Nandi Statue, and a cave with a small water body inside.

Things to know about Mullayanagiri


Other trekking trails from Mullaynagiri are Baba Budangiri, Manikyadhaara, and Deviramma temple. There is a path behind the temple on Mullayanagiri peak towards the BSNL tower on the Eastern side leading to Baba Budangiri and Manikyadhara falls.



If you are looking for some adventure then take this path. The first stretch has a steep to meet the main road. Then the trail involves an ascent uphill and a ridge walk. On a usual note, this point will be filled with heavy fog causing visibility challenges as one trek on the ridges.

mullayanagiri trek

Moving on, the next stretch is to reach BSNL tower, just a few kilometers before the peak. It includes a blade walk which is quite hard to cross. Once you reach BSNL tour crossing rocky stretch with scaring drops on either side, you can stop at a lake for refreshment. From here on, the route is clear and it takes 2 km to reach Bababudangiri where you have a facility to camp.


Manikyadhara falls is near BSNL tower and it looks gorgeous. It becomes important to note that you don’t find any shops on the summit. So, packed food and water is necessary for trekking. Interestingly, temple authorities can help you in this regard.


The best time to visit Mullayanagiri is from September to February. A trek to Mullayangiri is one hell of an experience which you cannot afford to miss. So, get your gang of friends and plan for Mullayanagiri. You will enjoy for sure.

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