12 Incredible Things To Know About Kodachadri Hill, A Place Full Of Wonders and Adventure

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Among the most celebrated peaks of Karnataka, Kodachadri is considered as the most adventurous one and there are reasons to it. Being the 10th highest peak of Karnataka, this gigantic mountain is not only known for trekking and fun but it also comes with a profound spiritual significance. It is enigmatic, sensuous, and at the same time, it is wild enough to challenge your youth. To keep it simple, Kodachadri is more of an experiential beauty and yes, it is definitely beyond words. So, how much you know about this famous tourist attraction of Karnataka? Here are a few amazing things about Kodachadri on today’s read. We are sure that this information will arise a desire in you to take a trip to Kodachadri.

Things to know about Kodachadri


The name ‘Kodachadri’ comes from a word called ‘Kodacha’ or ‘Kodashi’ and ‘Adri’ which in Sanskrit means a hill of Kutaja flowers. The word Kutaja, in particular, means Jasmine and so we can call Kodachadri as the hill of Jasmine flowers. Kodachadri is also called as ‘Kutachadri’ and ‘Kodashi Parvathi’ in a local dialect.


about kodachadri


Kodachadri receives an annual rainfall of 500 cm to 750 cm and forms a background to the famous Mookambika temple of Kollur. It is located at a distance of 21 km from Kollur and 15 km from a village named Nagodi.

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If we have to say a bit about the history of Kodachadri then it seems to have attracted the attention of humankind since ages. It is said that during the 19th century, Europeans trekked to the peak and recorded it as the most stunning place on earth.

Adi Shankara trekked to Kodachadri, meditated here, and established a temple at Kollur. Atop of the hill, you see a temple dedicated to Adi Shankara, called as the Sarvajna peetha. On the other hand, Shiva Rama Karanth, a noted writer trekked to Kodachadri in the 1940s and regarded it as one among the three beautiful mountain peaks of Coastal Karnataka. (Other two being Kumara Parvatha and Kuduremukh)


about kodachadri


Kodachadri is situated in the middle of the Mookambike National Park making at as the most versatile biodiversity hotspot. Today, it is a home for several endangered species of flora and fauna. To mention a few, there are Malabar Langur, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Indian Tiger, Hyena, Rock Python, and others.

things to know about kodachadri


Kodachadri is covered by Shola Forests which is dense and thick giving a cool landscape sight to tourists. Interestingly, it a tropical rainforest along with the Western Ghats.


An interesting fact to know about Kodachadri is that the stones found here are blessed with magnetic properties. It is also rich in Manganese and Iron Ore but mining has been a matter of controversy here from a very long period of time.



One of the major attractions on the summit of Kodachadri is the Sarvajna Peetha, a small shrine dedicated to Adi Shankara. It is believed that Adi Shankara meditated here. The Peetha here is also called as the Sharada Peetha of Jammu & Kashmir.

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There is another temple at the foothills of Kodachadri which is said to be the ‘Moola Sthaana’ (the origin) of Sri Mookambika Devi temple of Kollur. In fact, it is from this place, a 2 km trek to the peak of Kodachadri starts.


One more interesting to notice here is a 40 feet length Iron Pillar erected in front of Mookambike temple near the summit. It is compared with the historic iron pillar located in Dhar, Mount Abu.


People also believe it as the ‘Trishul’ used by Goddess Mookambika to kill a demon called Mookasura. Besides this, the pillar stands as a mirror to ancient Indian iron craftsmanship.


Kodachadri is also blessed with beautiful waterfalls as a testament to nature’s beauty. Hidlumane falls at around 5 km from Kodachadri is quite adventurous. You have Arasinagundi Falls tucked in deep forests. On Southern side, Belakallu falls looks amazing and requires a bit of trekking to reach.

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As a traveler, one thing you should not afford to miss is the gorgeous Sunset from Kodachadri. The Arabian sea is visible on sunny days and from the summit, it feels like sun doing down into the sea. Interestingly, the shape of the sun changes every minute as he dawns. It will take an inverted shape in the beginning, then a vessel, a hat, a ring with double edges, and to many other unusual shapes.

facts about kodachadri


Trekking to Kodachadri peak actually begins from a village named Nagodi or Nittur, located at the base of it. Strictly, overnight camping and campfire is restricted since 2015. If you wish to spend a night on top then you have a bungalow maintained by Government and a temple priest’s house.


Best time to trek to Kodachadri is during Monsoon, maybe between September and March. Please consider avoiding jeep trails as there are chances of messy vehicular traffic. Instead, you can hire jeeps at Kollur or at the base of Kodachadri which comes with expert jeep drivers.

about kodachadri

So, these were a few things about Kodachadri. We hope that you found this piece of information interesting. Make time for Kodachadri and experience Karnataka like never before.