10 Amazing Things To Know About Agumbe Ghat, The Cherrapunji Of Karnataka


An offbeat destination in Karnataka, Agumbe is often referred to as the Cherrapunji of South India. It is an otherworldly place, decorated with waterfalls, rivers, and hills. Moreover, it has been crowned with the serenity of the mountains, thanks to its location in the Western Ghats. It is rich in both, flora and fauna, and is home to approximately 500 inhabitants.

Agumbe is often associated with Malgudi Days, where many of their episodes were shot. It is also known for its efforts to conserve rainforests, besides documentation of medicinal plants as well as traveling and trekking.

Reasons Why Agumbe Should Be On Your Bucket List


A Land Where Time Stands Still

It is nearly 357 kilometers away from Bengaluru and about 98 kilometers from Mangalore. This makes it the perfect getaway from the rush and chaos of city life. The rainfall, the forests and the simplicity of life in the mountains are all you will ever need for rejuvenation.

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The Perfect Sunset

We always look for the perfect sunset view, when we go to beaches or to the mountains. You’re in luck, my friend, as it provides the perfect blend of beauty, tranquility, and fulfillment in its sunset view. From the top of the mountains in the Western Ghats, you’ll be left speechless as you watch the sunset over the Arabian Sea.


Clean and Green

Thanks to its location on the Western Ghats, Agumbe lies in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This ensures that it is preserved, protected and often monitored. Unlike most places which end up being littered by tourists, it is kept clean and welcoming throughout.


Malgudi Days

You could relive the thrill and the nostalgia of Malgudi Days, at Agumbe. Swami’s house, which is run by Kasturi Akka, is the perfect place to stay. You can explore the streets and the alleys where Swami and his friends played. You could, while reliving his adventures, walk along the bank of the Sarayu river.



Agumbe has countless waterfalls, each one having a charm of their own. From the Barkana falls to the Jogi Gundi falls and even the Onake Abbi falls, they will mesmerize you in one way or another. The best time to visit these falls is between November and February.



The Gopalkrishna Temple at Agumbe is a 14th-century temple of the Hoysala period. One requires to climb 108 steps to reach the temple, with each step symbolizing one of Lord Krishna’s names. This temple is a symbol of the traditional architecture and the cultural heritage of Karnataka.



The Agumbe Rainforest Research Station is heaven for lovers of nature as well as books. Founded in 2005, it documents the medicinal plants and closely monitors the endangered species of both, plants and animals. There are several endangered animals being protected here, from the majestic King Cobra to the Lion-Tailed Macaque. Also, there are a few varieties of plants and fungi which have been named after Agumbe, with the species name “agumbensis”.


Nearby Attractions

Agumbe is in close proximity to several trekking destinations and falls under the backpacker’s ideal route. With Chikmagaluru, Sagar, Shivamoga, Hosanagar, Kundadri and Kodachadri Hills in its trekking circuit, it has to be every backpacker’s paradise.


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Sky-high Elevation

At a height of 643 meters above sea level, Agumbe is always surrounded by a dense, silvery fog. This would be enough to convince you of the heavenly location of this place.



Besides Swami’s house, there are several homestays scattered throughout Agumbe. This ensures that you get a thorough taste of the culture and the way of life here. This also calls for comforting home cooked food and interaction with the hosts and the local residents.


The best time to visit Agumbe would be during the winter season i.e. November to February. You must avoid the heavy monsoons (July-October) for safety on the roads and in the village. Mangalore and Udupi are the closest cities to Agumbe, for coming in via the road, the railways and the sea.

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