8 Things To Do Near Brahmavara To Explore The Coastal Side Of Karnataka


Brahmavara is towards the north of Udupi. As per mythology, it is “Lord Brahma’s Vara” or “Ajapura” and hence named Brahmavara. It is an ancient cultural center. The town of Brahmavara is sandwiched between the Seeta and Suvarna rivers which originate from the Western Ghats. This makes the place all the more cool and appealing. The city is a land of many ancient temples, churches and backwaters, lets explore a few of them.

Mahalinga temple at Brahmavarvara

It is believed that the Mahalinga temple was constructed in the 9th century.The wall of the temple is built on the laterite stones. There is an image of Gaja-Gowri, which has been kept in Navaranga, which perhaps belongs to the Hoysala period.The ivory stands beautiful holding Ankusha and Pasha in the upper hand and Padma or lotus in right lower, and the left lower hand in the abhaya pose.



St. Mary’s Islands

Also known as Coconut Island and Thonsepar, are a set of four small islands in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Malpe near Brahmavara. Just the experience of being at the Island is breathtaking. Once you reach the Island, you can witness the coconut grove, shell shore & basaltic rock formations.The banks of the island is a real visual treat and is immensely pleasing. Usually it is not advisable to visit the island during rainy season and it might be closed as well. However, you can enjoy a dip in water or the exciting boat rides every time you are at the island.


ThimmanKudru Suspension Bridge

ThimmanKudru bridge is a rope-suspension footbridge connecting ThimmanKudru Island to the mainland close by Brahmavara. It is basically a Hanging Bridge.The bridge offers an amazing view of trees and back waters. Also the whole river beautifully curving and meeting the sea is a graceful visual. As boating is made available, tourists can cruise through the beautiful backwaters in and around the bridge. The bridge has turned out to be a very popular tourist pick eventually, with a lot of people visiting this place especially during the monsoons.


Milagres Church

Is a historic Roman Catholic Church situated in the Hampankatta locality which is an hour’s travel from Brahmavara. It is one of the oldest churches in Dakshina Kannada. The truly beautiful, and impressive church has a striking architectural beauty which greets you with a calm and blissful aura around. The church stands majestically amidst the delightful and well tended gardens catering to a large number of visitors. The architecture of the church takes your breath away. Experiencing the soulful masses and the Christmas festivities at the church is a carnival in itself.



Panambur beach

Panambur beach at Brahmavara is a total exciting and a fun filled place to be at. The beach has Jet ski rides, boating, Dolphin viewing, Food stalls etc. One of the most crowded beach in Mangalore. It usually attracts people for some water activities unlike other beaches. The only beach in India that is managed and run by a private enterprise for tourism development!. The beach is filled with commercial shops and rides and several fun filled activities which offers some great leisure.

Lakshmi Venkataramana Temple

The temple at Brahmavara is a beautifully built and the most celebrated one since long. Anybody at Brahmavara makes it a point to visit the temple at all times as it is considered to be an extremely holy temple in the vicinity. Along with the main deity Lakshmi Narayana, you also have the Kuldevta’s or Gramdevta’s being worshiped. Also there are many temples which hosts the Swayam Vyakta(self emerged) idols of gods. The temple also witnesses great Architectural Marvels and interesting Scientific aspects which when explored leaves us with a sense of sublime sanctity and purity.

Delta Beach Backwater

The place where the river meets the sea is the beautiful Delta Beach at Kodi Bengare also called the Kemmannu Padutonse. Amazingly wonderful place to spend time with family and friends or during the weekends. A heavenly abode of more than 40 islands in one place!. All through its a shore, the Arabian Sea manages to sketch its most beautiful backwater destination here!. It is an exceptional sight to watch the sea and its backwater lie opposite to each other, but more surprises await as you take a boat ride in the splendid backwaters.


Salikeri Vaidyanatheshwara Temple

The Vaidyanatheshwara temple at Brahmavara is an absolute divine experience to be at. There is a saying that people with any kind of health problems, by offering vows, sevas or prayers at the Salikeri Vaidyanatheshwara Temple are resolved with the blessings of the Lord. The temple is a small and a not so embellishing one, but the dwelling place of god holding divine powers for the good of people. It is situated in the depopulated, extremely peaceful, lush green, natural locality.

The nearby places of interest are Sri Kashi vishwanatha temple, Holy Family Church, Jamia Masjid, Uppinakote, Janardhana shrine in the Agrahara, and Barkur. 

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