10 Awesome Things To Do in The Morning to give a Great Start to your Day

Things To Do In The Morning

There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope – Bernard Williams

Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen – Wayne Huizenga

The above two statements sum up the power of every morning. You get every new 24 hours as a day to realize the importance of human life. But is getting up in the morning an easy task? Not for some. No, it is not that they are lazy. The reason – because they work in night shifts and for them, dusk has become the dawn. Jokes and leg pulling apart. With your honorable permission, will we look on the ten best things to do in the morning?

Things To Do In The Morning

We have searched the Internet for you, and came up with the ten best tasks to do in the dawn hours. If you have read the books of motivational experts, you find many of the principles are same. Follow your dreams regardless of the challenges. Planning the perfect way for completion of tasks is the sure road to success.

Best Things to do in the Morning

1. Getting Up Before Sunrise

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise – proverb.

The words may seem simple. But kindly note down the importance. It says, goes to bed early to get up early. Do you live a fast life? So, do not deny sleep for your body. The ideal sleeping hours for the body is from 10 PM to 4 AM. If you wake up early, you can rank the entire day tasks.

Things To Do In The Morning

2. Look At The Bright Color – Preferable, Green

Were you born in the 1970s or 1980s? Did you play with your grandparents in the villages? If you rewind your thoughts, notice that they never wore spectacles. The reason, you know the best – they never worked on computers. And they lived amongst Mother Nature. Color theorists state seeing bright colors in the morning can stimulate the brains. The practice also makes us feel healthy and energetic for the entire day. When you see the color green, it gives a soothing effect to the eyes. It is mandatory to include this task as one among the important tasks to complete in the morning. There is no need to explain the importance of eye health in daily life.

best things to do in the morning

3. Smile

Did you woke up? Wow, why don’t you just smile? It is just a smile which has a power to enhance the great amount of possibilities for you. Smile because you have woke up and for most of the people, it might be a sleep forever. Open your eyes, simply smile and say to yourself that I am going to have a great day.

Things To Do In The Morning

4. Drink Water

All the doctors around the globe tell the importance of hydration. When you are awake, you drink water to stem feelings of thirst or dehydration. After sleep, please note that your body stays devoid of water for six to eight hours. So, drink two cups of water in the morning after getting up from the bed. And our family elders have stressed the importance of drinking water from a copper vessel as the first task in the early morning hours. Practice this habit. You can feel energized. This one of the most important things to do in the morning.

morning practices

Not having a copper vessel? No problem. Try the other alternative. The reason for drinking two cups of water in the morning is to give a boost to the metabolism in your body. Do you not have the habit of drinking plain water? Hate the taste? Fine. Opt for a lemon or orange juice instead.

5. Stretch/Physical Activity

Do you have knowledge of the number of beats in an average heart? It is 72 beats. If you compare the same number with minutes, then it comes to 1 hour 12 minutes. It means, every human being must exercise for 1 hour and twelve minutes. That is the rule of Mother Nature. According to fitness experts, you should do exercises at least for one hour. The activity brings life (activation) to all the organs in your body. Then, for the next twenty-three hours, your body (important – brain, mind and the digestive system) gives the best support to handle all the challenges.

Also, many of the jobs in recent times, involve desk jobs. It is vital to stretch, exercise the muscles in the morning. Physical activity will enhance the circulation of blood.

Things To Do In The Morning

6. Breathe

Do you think we are joking? Then, why the title? We understand that you breathe to live. In this section, the point is to make you breathe and make you live happy and healthy. So, is there a proper way to breathe? YES, YES and YES!

When you breathe in, your tummy should expand. The reason, you pull oxygen inside the body. When you breathe out, the tummy should go inside. Because the air goes out. So what is the big deal? Check when you become angry and cannot handle your feelings and words. The breathing pattern will be the opposite. So, when you breathe in, the stomach goes in; and when you breathe out, the tummy expands.

best things to do in the morning

This breathing type paves the way for more negativity to come to the body. So, practice breathing in the dawn hours at least a hundred times. Then, irrespective of circumstances, your breathing gets arranged in a proper way. You will think of clarity even in unexpected situations. Indeed an easiest things to do in the morning.

7. Meditation

To achieve success, a human should spend at least twenty minutes in meditation every day. You can, then achieve your goals faster. Fitness experts specify the importance of physical exercise forty minutes. And twenty minutes meditation for achieving success in any walk of life. So, how do you meditate?

Things To Do In The Morning

A wise sage has said, “You cannot do meditation. It has to happen.” It is very difficult to make the thoughts in the mind concentrate on a specific goal. So what do you do? Or what do the ancient texts suggest? Concentrate on your breathing with eyes closed. Practice the same habit at least for three months. Then you can reap the benefits of meditation.

8. Shower

Now, did the title make you laugh? If YES, we are happy that you have become engrossed in the article. Thank you for the pat on our shoulders. But do not throw water on the body, and think you have done a shower. Clean your body as well the mind, with the water. You will stay refreshed throughout the day.

Things To Do In The Morning

9. Make Your Bed

There is a famous joke, which we had during our college days. ”What is the second important task you do after getting up?” There were many answers, but the real one is, ”You take your legs off the bed.” Okay, there may be variations. But it is not important. At this point in time, making up the bed, and folding the bed sheets for yourself or for your spouse, How do you feel? This task is one of the best ways to enhance productivity during the day.

Things To Do In The Morning

10. Do Not Skip BreakFast

One minute, please. Can you kindly visualize the meaning of the word “Breakfast?” It means – break the fast. You slept at 10 PM yesterday and woke at 4 AM today. The body starves for nutrients. Do not forget to fill the fuel for your body to enrich your day. Ensure you eat a complete breakfast. Include whole grains, vegetables, fruits and dairy products.

Things To Do In The Morning

11. Make A To-Do List

Does the title pack stress in your body? But motivational experts say and prove otherwise. Writing the list of tasks before starting the day, can help you prioritize them. The habit has proved to increase the productivity. In the list of ten best things to do in the morning, do not forget to include the task of packing a healthy lunch.

Things To Do In The Morning

Final words

You do yourself a favor when you wake up early in the morning. The choices you do in the dawn when preparing the to-do list, making up the bed, having time to speak with the family, can design a beautiful day.

On the day, you woke in the early morning, you had plenty of time. You had a smile on your face. Your family members felt happy. On the day, you woke late, you were short of hours and have to rush to office. You had another type of feeling in your face.

Your family members do not want to enhance the feelings of hypertension and get a rebuke. You reached late to the office and hurry up to complete the task. Why don’t you try the method that can give happiness at all times?

Try this list of things to do in the morning and if you get the benefits, we will be proud of our hard work. And we request you to put a review in the Comments section so that you can continue to get more similar articles.

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