15 Best & Offbeat Things To Do In Mangalore, The Coastal Beauty Of Karnataka

things to do in mangalore

Mangalore or Mangaluru as we know it is located between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. It is the most important port city in Karnataka. Being regarded as the most important city after Bengaluru, it is the largest city in the Tulu Nadu region. Mangaluru is blessed with a lot of beaches, temples and scenic locations for people to enjoy. There are also a lot of things to do here in Mangaluru. We at MetroSaga bring to you the 15 best things to do in Mangalore or Mangaluru.

Top Things To Do In Mangalore or Mangaluru

things to do in mangalore

Visit Shri Mangaladevi Temple

Located at a distance of 3km from the city, this temple is well known for its heritage and historical significance. In fact, the name Mangaluru comes from Mangaladevi, the chief deity of this temple. Built in the 9th Century, this temple is a must-visit.

things to do in mangalore

Explore St. Aloysius Chapel and their museum

Located in the heart of the city, you can easily find this Chapel on Lighthouse Hill. This beautiful chapel houses many relics in its well-maintained museum including the first car which was brought into the city along with typewriters, gramophones, old versions of the Bible..name it! The paintings on the walls and the ceiling of the chapel are those of Antonio Moscheni, a famous Italian Painter.

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Visit the historical temple on the Hills of Kadri

The Kadri Manjunatha temple is a historical marvel as well as one of the most serene temples you’ll ever visit. The main attraction here is the temple pond known as Gomukha. This is, in fact, a natural spring which is located at an elevated area at the back of the temple.

What’s more is that unlike every other temple were the pond is at a lower elevation than the temple, the temple pond here is located at a higher elevation! The temple also houses the cave used by the Pandavas where they were hiding during their exile.

things to do in mangalore

Enjoy and explore the pristine Sasihithlu Beach

One of the hidden gems of Mangalore, this beach is located 23 km away from the city railway station. This beach is popular among travelers primarily due to its 2 km long coastline. Another reason to visit this beach is it’s proximity to an island called Munda, which has the Shambhave and Nandini Rivers on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other side.

mangalore beach

Spend your moments of prayer at the Kudroli Gokarnanatha Temple

A one of a kind temple, this was built by Sri Narayana Guru of Kerala.The Dasara Celebrations here are indeed a treat to watch and make this temple a must visit.

things to do in mangalore

Relish various kinds of Seafood

Given it’s close proximity to the sea, Mangalore is rich in seafood, be it fish, crabs, prawns, lobsters or even squid! There’s more than enough seafood that Mangaluru has to offer, to the adventurous foodies. Gorge on these delicacies at Giri Manjas, Gajali, and Machli.

best things to do in mangalore

Feast on ice creams at Pabba’s or Ideal’s

You wouldn’t be able to complete your trip to Mangalore without a delicious ice cream sundae or a gudbud. These are best served and enjoyed at Ideal’s and Pabbas. What’s more, a serving of gudbud at either of these places is more of a meal than just an ice cream!

things to do in mangalore

Run along the coast at the Surathkal Beach at NITK

Located 19 km from the city, this beach is one of the cleanest you will ever visit. You better reach here before the evening time, if you wish to enjoy a panoramic view of the sunset. This is when the beach gets crowded and you can enjoy as much as you like. The historical Sadashiva Temple and the lighthouse nearby call for more reasons to mark this place on your adventure map!

Distance from Mangalore: 13 km.

mangalore beach

Explore secluded beaches

Someshwara, Ullal, and, Pilikula are a few of the beaches you will find which can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Since these beaches are devoid of resorts as of now, they call for an amazing session of beach football with your buddies or for a quiet, relaxing time by yourself.

mangalore beach

Have a great time at the Kadri Hill Park

Being the Largest park within the city limits, the Kadri Hill Park is a perfect spot for families looking forward to a great weekend. Right next to the park, you’ll find an animal conservatory which falls under the Government’s Department of Horticulture. This conservatory houses numerous reptiles, rare birds, spotted deer, sambar deer and ant eaters among many others.

things to do in mangalore

Explore wildlife and nature at the Pilikula Nisargadhama

Spread across 350 acres of land, this park is ideal for nature lovers. This park has a golf course, a lake with boating facilities, a mini aquarium and even a science center. They also have an open zoo with tigers, rare wild cats, and king cobras.

things to do in mangalore

Click away at Sammilan Shetty’s Butterfly Park

This park was built in 2011 to educate people about butterflies and to conduct scientific research. This park houses 114 different species for butterflies, which will make you click away as you watch these delicate, beautiful creatures take your breath away. This makes the park one of the best things to do in Mangaluru.

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Enjoy the view from the Sultan Battery Fort

Located 5 km away from the city, this fort was built in 1784 as a watchtower. Built with black stones, the top of this fort provides you with a panoramic view of the Gurpur river and the Arabian Sea. You can explore the beach here and also take a ferry ride to Tannirbhavi Beach.

things to do in mangalore

Relax at the Tannirbhavi Beach

If you prefer less crowded beaches, Tannirbhavi Beach is your place to go to. With not so many visitors, this beach gives you the space you need to relax and to enjoy the best time ever. The water here is so clear that you’ll be tempted to take a bath – and you should! The best way to reach this place is via a ferry ride from Sultan Battery.

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Visit the famous Panambur Beach

At a distance of 11km from the city comes one of the most visited beaches in Mangaluru. Along with the camel ride, the Kite Festival held herein April is also a primary attraction. A visit to this beach is incomplete without water sports and a breathtaking view of the sunset.

things to do in mangalore

These are only a few of the things you can enjoy whilst munching on bhajjis and relishing the famous Mangalore buns. Mangaluru is undoubtedly one of the best getaways for the weekend!

Finally, no mangalore trip is complete without having a three-colored special Kalladka Chai at Lakshmi Nivas Hotel (KT hotel).

things to do in mangalore

Distance from Bengaluru: 352 km via NH75.

Best time to visit: September to April.

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