Plan To This Little Town Called Mahe, An Exotic Location Which Is Just A Night Away From Bengaluru


Located in Pondicherry, South India, the town of Mahe has a lot of influence of Kerala as the state surrounds it from three sides. Pondicherry is a Union Territory with a lot of French influence as well. So in Mahe, you will get a blend of both Kerala and French in language and cuisine. With a high literacy rate of 98.35%, the place is one of the most literate municipalities in India. Ruled by French until 1954, you can spot the influence of French culture in the architecture and the general lifestyle of people.

Tagore Park

Situated 15 km from Thalassery in Mahe, the park is famous as a leisurely hangout and for the statue of Marianna, a well-known influence during French insurrection. The French installed the statue in 1789 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. They inscribed the slogan, “ Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity,” on the statue. The Park also has a memorial dedicated to the freedom fighters.


2. Government House

You can visit the Government House on your visit to Mahe. It is the administrative headquarters of the town and a very fine example of French architecture. Apart from that, the mini forest area at the back of Government House, the golden sand coastline of Arabian sea, the Dharmadam island, and Mayyazhi River are some of the attractions in the vicinity.


3. Hillock (Mooppenkunnu)

This wooded Heritage Picnic spot has an aesthetic design replete with modern amenities surrounded by some real natural beauty. Park benches, pavements to walk and a restroom facility make it just a perfect place to relax and unwind during your visit to Mahe. The historic Light House at the Hillock offers you the advantage of enjoying the Arabian Sea beauty from a decent height. It is also a wonderful sunset point.

4. The Walkaway

River Mahe walkaway is certainly worth a visit offering a unique blend of aesthetics and purpose giving a huge satisfaction both to the soul and mind. The walkaway somehow looks almost similar to a diamond necklace sprawled around Mahe’s landscape. Well furnished with park benches, the place is just ideal for chilling out.


5. Azhimukham

It is a picturesque location for which tourists visit Mahe. Flanked by the rippling river of Mayyazhi and blue wavy Arabian Sea, it is a beautiful estuary. Tagore Park is also in the vicinity. Recently the administration in Mahe reconstructed a walkway 2 km long that can help you reach the bank of the river from the Mahe Bridge quite easily.


6. St. Theresa Shrine

One of the oldest Shrines in the country and Malabar, the St. Theresa Shrine of Avila, Mahe, a small community of Christians growing up in this place erected it in 1736. Rev. Father Dominic of St. John of the Cross, O.C.D.introduced Christianity to this place when he came to India from Italy in 1723.

7. Water Sports Complex, Manjakkal

Located on the banks of the river Mahe, the Water Sports Complex encircles the eastern rocky border of Mahe. From here, visitors can get a glimpse of the amazing panoramic view of high mountains of the Kanakamala hill, Wayanad, mangroves, marshlands of the wide river, and the Railway bridge. The place offers many water sports facilities including pedal boats and motorized boats.

8. Puthalam Temple

This ancient Bhagavathi temple is famous for a 15-day Thiryattam, an ancient art attached with divinity held during first-fortnight of March every year. Theyyam, Kerala’s beautiful performing art is enacted during the festival. It is a historic temple and plays a legendary role in the conflicts between Indian and French armies.


9. Othenan’s Fort

Constructed by a local, renowned folk-lore hero, the remnants of the Othenan’s Fort still attract the visitors. According to the lore, Othenan was a Robinhood of North Malabar and he built the fort situated near the Civil Station on the Kannur- Kozhikode Highway.

10. Shri. Krishna Temple, Mahe

Built by Sri. P.K. Raman, a freedom fighter in 1941, the Shri. Krishna temple is one of the oldest temples of modern times in the town offering spiritual satisfaction. There are idols of four different gods in the temple but the prominent one is that of Shri. Krishna. Over the years with constant support and donation the small shrine has now become a magnanimous edifice. The temple offers various services to serve society.

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