Top 5 Things To Do in Lucknow You Must Consider For Your Next Trip to The City of Nawabs

things to do in lucknow

Lucknow, better known by its popular tagline, “The city of Nawabs”, is one of the most popular cities in India. The undisputed history, cultural background and heartwarming attitude of the people of Lucknow are what attract the tourists from all over the world to visit the place. The poetry, mixed religious customs, fine arts, and gallant Nawabi Tehzeeb makes Lucknow unique at its own place. Whilst in the city, one must undoubtedly pay a visit to these places in Lucknow:

A peek at the Bara Imambara

To start with the day, the extravagant architectural sacred hall, majestic building in Lucknow, Bara Imambara is just correct. Completely built in Mughal architecture, the entire structure is lavishly designed. An amusing fact about this place is that the entire covering is made of rice husk. The structure has a maze named Bhulbhulaiya and is probably the only existing ones in the country. The grand edifice is an experience that can only be felt when explored in self. No doubt, this is the most visited among the tourist places in Lucknow.



The 1857 memorial museum

Lucknow was one of the critical nodal points from where the Revolt of 1857 was spread to all parts of North India. In order to commemorate the historical significance of this event, a museum was constructed. The map of British India, their administrative records and letters, photographs of Nawabs and British officials, paintings of several artists, the weaponry and artifacts from bygone ages and other visual descriptions can be found here. This place has no doubt preserved the remnants from first war of independence in India.

things to do in lucknow

Connect with nature at NawabWajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden

Well-known as Lucknow Zoological Garden, the zoological garden is categorized under one of the largest and oldest zoos in India. This park is a dwelling to numerous mammals, birds, and reptiles. Species found here include tiger, white Bengal tiger, lion, grey wolf, orangutan, Himalayan black bear, zebra, giraffe, pheasants of different varieties, hornbills and many more. These animals are not just maintained for visitors’ entertainment, but breeding programmes are successfully run in here to conserve the rare species. The park extends a huge variety of rides, games and other entertainment options for people of all ages to enjoy. This is the most demanded zoo in Lucknow.

must do things in lucknow

Get close to the almighty at Chandrika Devi Temple

If you wish to know more about Lucknow, to come even more close to the culture of the city, then Chandrika Devi Temple is the stop. A large statue of Lord Shiva meditating will give you a very welcoming feeling. The place is filled with the essence of divinity and freshness of the mind. A fair in the location is held on every new moon day. The hustles of the local markets in the temple perimeter, melodious songs in the name of God and the ringing bells will take you to another world.



The scrumptious meal at Bawarchi Tola

Wondering where to eat while roaming around? The authentic Lucknawi food and Awadhi taste can be explored in the streets of Bawarchi Tola. Innumerable options for foodies, loaded with the Nawabi spices are available here. Absolutely delightful to taste, you might fill our stomachs in there, but will never run out of the menu. The place is a home to the tradition of Lucknow and deserves a halt.

food of lucknow

There are so exciting options to try out in Lucknow that you will never feel a lacuna in your vacation. Memories are definitely worth created here.

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