12 Things To Do In And Near Kumta, A Place Which Is A Super-Perfect Chill Out Destination in Karnataka

things to do in kumta

Kumta is a town in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. The city of Kumta is located on the Arabian sea coast, adjacent to the vast western ghats. Being a coastal town near Gokarna, Kumta is famous for its ancient temples and beaches. It is an abode to serene nature, forests, birds and heavenly greenery all around. The sublime natural habitat, in and around Kumuta would drive any nature lover crazy. For those of you who are looking forward to a fine blend of alluring nature, religious tour, adventure together. Kumuta is the super perfect touring destination. Let’s try and explore the city at its best.


Yana caves are widely known for the unusual karst rock formations. To all the nature lovers, and adventure seekers, Yana is a must visit. The marvelous self-emerged rock eruptions are truly exciting and thrilling to explore. The two major attractions Mohini Shikhara and Bhairaveshwara Shikhara standing at a height of 90 m and 120m respectively are simply breathtaking. Adorned with dense woods, Bhaireshwar Temple and hidden caves, Yana serves as a beautiful trekking trail!. Gurgling cascades pouring down from the hills offer great leisure to mind and body.


Distance from Kumta: 28 km 

Paradise Beach

Entirely cut off from the mainstream crowd, Paradise beach is a treat to all our senses!. A true Paradise indeed!. Paradise beach is also known as Full Moon Beach. It is simply a mesmerizing and enchanting experience to visit the beach, especially during the sunset. You have only two options to reach the beach, either by boarding a motorboat or by trekking nearly 2kms. The riverside is perfect, in case you are looking for some soothing time with oneself like sessions of yoga or meditation. Isolated from the hassles of the city, it is the perfect place to find solace and spend some quality time in nature’s lap.

Distance from Kumta: 32 km 


Mirjan Fort

Located on the banks of River Aghanashini, Mirjan Fort is a royal reminder of our glorious history. The fort is spread over an area of 4.1 hectares. The fort is also believed to be a site for many past battles in the 16th and 17th centuries. It is embellished with remarkable architecture of the bygone era. Such as canals, moats, secret passageways and various other considerations to fortify its grounds. The splendid fort truly gives the impression of a fairytale castle all covered with grass and overgrowth. A have to visit if you are at Kumta.

Distance from Kumta: 12 km 

Om Beach

Om Beach at Kumta is an out of the world view. A real visual treat. It is immensely tranquilizing to the eyes and mind. It is in the shape of the spiritual Hindu symbol ‘Om’ and hence the name ‘Om Beach’. A sand-&-rock beach with road access amid forested hills draws both party people & religious pilgrims. The winding path adorned with craggy hills and clear blue water is magnificent. The beach offers a number of adventure sports to the junkies as well.


Distance from Kumta: 36 km

Mahabaleshwar Temple

A 4th-century CE Hindu temple with immense religious significance. The temple is one of the seven sacred Mukti Kshetras in Karnataka. Also considered as holy as the Shiva temple at Varanasi. It is one of the most ancient temples with Atmalinga. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Shiva. Atmalinga which is said to be established by the demon King Ravana is found inside the temple sanctum. Kotitheertha is a holy pond located near the temple. A bath in the pond is taken by devotees before entering the temple for pooja.

Distance from Kumta: 32 km 


Half Moon Beach

The spectacular glowing beach with lush greenery around will leave you in a trans for sure. The beach earns its name because of its similarities to the Half Moon. This being true, the beach just radiates like the moon, with a soul-soothing tranquil atmosphere. The view of the sea coast, especially during the sunset, is breathtaking. Half moon beach is not accessible through roads, one has go hiking or motor boating plying from Om beach. The beach has plenty of rocks and a small patch of sand. The sand on this beach is sparkling clean.

Distance from Kumta: 35 km 

Uppin Ganpati Temple

The temple is also called the Vinayakar Temple. It is an ancient temple which holds historic importance. It is a beautiful temple and a must visit at Kumta. The temple comprises of a huge main hall and an arch with Lord Ganesha as a presiding deity. It is said that during the reign of the Vijayanagar Empire, Uppin Ganpati Temple was dedicated to Lord Shiva. Also, the statue of Ganesha which we find in the temple now was brought from a neighboring village of Kumta. 

Alvekodi Beach

The peacefulness of the alluring serenity and the exoticness of the beach will drive you crazy. Alvekodi beach, a  hidden beach in the village of Alvekodi is pristine and crystal clear. The white sand alongside the beach glowing in the shadow of sun rays is simply so pleasing. The beach serves as an ideal picnic spot with a mesmerizing view of the sunset. The beach is isolated, secluded and clean which is perfect for you to enjoy nature at its best. The beach also hosts the crumbled old lighthouse in Brahma Devara Gudda nearby.


Distance from Kumta: 5.8 km 


A spiritual place which owns an ancient temple called Mahadev Temple. The temple is located on the sloping hill which offers an amazing view of the sea coast. Dhaneshwar is nearly 800 years old, lying about 8 km south-east of Kumta. The temple is home to four inscribed tablets as well. The temple is surrounded by five sacred pools. Also, the temple is made of black stone while the walls are adorned with beautiful sculptures. The annual fair held at the temple is fascinating.

Kudle Beach

The beach is extremely calm peaceful and beautiful. It is one of the liveliest beaches at night. With artists performing at the seaside and people sitting around the bonfire. Also surrounded by amazing cafes to have meals at. Kudle has always been a safe, clean and a tourist pic having its tranquillity preserved. Beach offers the most serene atmosphere and breathtaking views of the sunsets. A must visit place to all the nature lovers out there.

Distance from Kumta: 35 km

Echo Beach, Honnavar

This is one of the best beaches in the area. It is usually less crowded, away from the noisy commotions of the town. Best time to spend some peaceful quality time with yourself. Or also perfect for enjoying natural scenic beauty with friends and family. There’s an adjoining park for the kids to play as well. The beach has white sands with lovely soft texture and rocks here and there. Swimming at the beach is not really advisable as it is unsafe with a high current flow. One can enjoy the magical waves and the calmness it’s got in store, without getting into waters. It’s still a less attracted tourist spot with many adventure activities as well.


Shiva Cave

This place is called ‘Gogarbha’ (cow’s womb) by the local people. It is situated on a hilltop near Kudle beach. The hillside caves offer a magnificent view of the beach and surroundings from here. The cave is not very large, which has the Shivalingam inside. The cave also has a place for meditation as well. The cave is inhabited by small bats that sit on the ceiling of the side niches. A little above the entrance you can find a hole. In which light penetrates into the part where the lingam is installed. An orange flag marks the location. The place is extremely deserted and lonely hence group visits are more advisable rather than a lonely journey.

For a lovely, peaceful and a true natural excursion, you should be planning to tour Kumta. So the next time you are at Kumta, make sure you do not miss the pleasure of visiting these places! If you know any worth-visiting places in and near Kumta then please let us know in the comments below.