10 Things To Know About The Gorgeous Srinidhi Shetty – The Kill Lady Of KGF

srinidhi shetty

The female lead of KGF Chapter 1 has surely grabbed the attention of a lot of people and has come a long way, from a humble family in Mangaluru, and an ocean of software engineers to a well-known actress who is making a name for herself! Here we bring to you 10 facts about the rising star, Srinidhi Shetty.

An Engineer!

While most of us continue to hate engineering with all our heart and soul, Srinidhi Shetty pursued electrical and electronics engineering at Jain University, Bengaluru. Although the engineering life did not choose her, she put in her best and remained a top scorer at the time of her graduation.

She left her IT job to follow her dreams!

Most engineers you know would have told you about TCS and Accenture, in case you don’t happen to be one yourself. Srinidhi worked at Accenture as a software engineer, before choosing to pursue her dreams in the field of modeling. Having watched several beauty pageants while growing up, she had always dreamt of standing up on stage for the crown, herself. She persevered and finally, made her mark.

srinidhi shetty

Dream Debut

Who would have thought that a student of St. Aloysius Pre University College or a software engineer at Accenture would star in a record-smashing hit? Srinidhi made her entry into the film industry with K.G.F. Chapter 1 and lived up to the hype that the movie had created about each character. In an interview, she mentioned that KGF had been a dream come true for her.

srinidhi shetty

Not an easy Childhood

The life of stars may seem to be a bed of roses, but never without the thorns. Srinidhi did not have an easy childhood, with the death of her mother coming when she was in her 10th grade at school. Being the youngest of the three daughters, she definitely was determined to make her mark in the world.

srinidhi shetty

Mangaluru’s Pride

Srinidhi Shetty hails from Mangaluru, and those who have watched her grow would definitely be proud of her. She was always resilient and unyielding as a person, and never looked back once she had made it through. It would, after all, take a strong person to achieve what she did, with grit and determination.

Beauty With Brains

Srinidhi’s school and graduation scores testify that she wasn’t just about looks. She scored a whopping 93.5% in her matriculation and an unimaginable 85% in her engineering grades! While many of us sympathize with EEE students and graduates, she became the best of them all.

srinidhi shetty

Supportive Family

Leaving a stable and secure job to pursue your dreams takes nerves of steel and she definitely showed how determined she was, when choosing to pursue a career in modeling. She attributes her success to her family and close friends and emphasizes how important their support was to her.

srinidhi shetty

A member of the NCC

Srinidhi was an NCC cadet during her college days. For those of us who might be unaware, NCC cadets are trained by the Indian Army to become disciplined and patriotic citizens. This definitely must have helped her maintain a disciplined regime while she would work out and follow a well-defined diet.

srinidhi shetty

A winner of multiple pageants

Srinidhi participated in several beauty pageants while at college. However, the world turned to notice a rising star only when she did the same after quitting her job. First, she was crowned first runner-up at the Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva 2016, and then when she became Miss Supranational 2016- while competing with contestants of 71 other countries! After this, she landed a role in the explosive KGF and there has been no looking back since then.

srinidhi shetty

Upcoming movies

While there hasn’t been much talk of her in upcoming movies, she is sure to star in KGF chapter 2! This movie plans to be even bigger and better.

While there are many of us who struggle to make it through a day, there are a few who choose to enjoy their challenges and prevail.

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