10 Interesting Things About Kadamba Dynasty – Pioneers To Use Kannada At An Administrative Level

Things About Kadamba Dynasty

Kadamba is an ancient royal dynasty from Karnataka. The dynasty ruled from Banavasi which presently is in the Uttara Kannada district. Later on, it ruled the larger feudatory empires of Rashtrakuta and Chalukya for more than 500 years and eventually branched out in Hanagal and Goa. Here are some of the most interesting things to know about the Great Kadamba dynasty.

First Dynasty To Use Kannada

King Kaskushtavarma ruled large areas of the state and became the first indigenous dynasty using Kannada at an administrative level. The use of the language of the soil also is said to be the starting point of an era initiating regional development of Karnataka as the geopolitical entity.


Things About Kadamba Dynasty

2. Connection With Gupta Dynasty

Founded by Mayurasharma in 345 C.E. the Kadamba dynasty’s powerful successor Kakusthavarma even had marital relationships with the majestic Gupta Dynasty. Association with the North Indian dynasty founded by none other than Chandragupta Maurya with help from Chanakya indicates sovereign nature of Kadamba Kingdom.

Things About Kadamba Dynasty
The first symbol of Kadambas

3. Adoption Of Jainism

King Shivakoti, one of the kings of Kadamba dynasty graced Jainism as he could not tolerate the endless bloodshed and loss of life and wealth due to continuous battles and fights.

4. Contemporary Of Ganga Dynasty

Kadamba Dynasty was a contemporary of the famous Western Ganga Dynasty from Talakad. Together these two dynasties were a part of the earliest native kingdoms of Karnataka and ruled the region with complete autonomy.


Things About Kadamba Dynasty

5. Kadamba’s Religious Powerful Influence

The Islam appeared on the Indian scene somewhere during the 600s. Prior to that, the Kadamba dynasty had already collapsed. But the influence of the dynasty continued as both Hinduism and Jainism continued to carry on with the strength that the rulers of Kadamba Dynasty offered to these religions.

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6. Conflicts Led To Decline Of Kadamba Dynasty

One of the interesting things about Kadamba Dynasty is that it was never destroyed by an outsider. Rather the dispute between Pallavas, Gangas, and Kadamba was the reason of the latter’s collapse.


Things About Kadamba Dynasty

7. The architecture of the Kadamba Dynasty 

The architecture of the Kadamba dynasty had a lot of things in common with that of Chalukya and Pallava styles. One important feature of Kadamba’s style of architecture is their ‘Shikara’, known as ‘Kadamba Shikara’. The same style can be seen in Mahakuta temples of Hampi and other Hoysala architectures.

8. Myths About Kadamba’s Origin

There are several myths about the origin of the Kadamba Dynasty. One of the myth says that Trilochana Kadamba or Jayanta with three eyes and four arms is the founder of the dynasty. The Degamve and Halsi records say that Trilochana Kadamba was born from the sweat of Shiva under a tree of Kadamba and hence the name.

9. Confusing Origin Of Mayurasharma

Another myth says that Mayurasharma with three eyes was born from Lord Shiva and Earth. Yet another legend says that Mayurasharma was born to Jain Thirtankara Ananda Jinavritindra’s sister under the tree of Kadamba. All these legends are mentioned in the records of the Kadambas of Goa and Hangal Kadambas.


Grama Paddhati, another literature work in Kannada says that Mayurasharma is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi born under Kadamba tree in the mountains of Sahyadri.

Things About Kadamba Dynasty

10. Does Kadambas And Nanda Dynasty Have A Connection?

A Nagarrkhanda Kadambas inscription from a descendant of the dynasty connects the Kadamba Dynasty’s connection to Nandas. The inscription says that King Nanda was childless and hence prayed to Lord Shiva in the mountains of Kailasha. The heavenly voice told Nanda King that he will have two sons who will form Kadamba Kula or family. The voice also advised King Nanda that they should be taught the use of weapons.

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