Thief Left Hanging Outside Moving Train As Passengers Refuse To Let Go, Twitter Is Divided

The passengers did not let a thief go even after the train started moving. Reportedly, the thief was dragged to the next station. The video of the incident went viral on social media and people have divided opinions.

Thief dangles outside moving Train

Many thieves often try to snatch the belongings of people traveling by bus or train. Keeping in mind the fact, authorities often show sign boards stating that people should remain careful of being robbed at such places. In an incident, a burglar who allegedly attempted to steal a train passenger’s mobile phone was caught and treated brutally.


The incident is from Khagaria Bihar where a man trying to snatch a mobile phone from a train passenger through the window was caught by some passengers who held him by his hands. As a result, the thief was dangling outside the moving train’s window. The passengers did not let him go even after the Samastipur Katihar passenger train started moving.

In the video, the thief who dangerously dangled outside the train pleaded with the passengers not to leave his hand from the moving train. The train passengers took this thief from Sahebpur Kamal station of Begusarai to Khagaria while he hung through the train’s window. Reportedly, the thief was finally let go when the train was close to Khagaria station. However, there is no information regarding whether any police action has been taken in the incident.

Here’s the video:


After the video went viral, netizens had divided opinions over the treatment given to the thief. Some called it a reward of karma while others regarded it as a heartless punishment.

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