‘They Went After Sushant Because He Supported Me’, Kangana Unravels Mystery Around His Death

On Saturday, Kangana Ranaut was interviewed by a news channel where she revealed things related to the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Since the passing away of the actor, Kangana has been outspoken and has been demanding justice for the actor. She has alleged that the reason behind the actor’s death is the inherent nepotism that exists in Bollywood. While she accused Mahesh Bhatt initially, now she has revealed the link of Aditya Chopra to the case.


‘I Feel Responsible’

Kangana (3)

In the interview, she alleged that Sushant was murdered and there were constant efforts from powerful people to sabotage his career. She revealed some shocking details in the interview and also said that Sushant was one of the first actors to support her when she accused Karan Johar of nepotism on his show Koffee With Karan. She said that,

“Nepotism is no longer about loving your own and promoting your own. Sushant in 2016 said that nepotism is not just about loving your own, it is also about killing the right talent, not letting them come up. You know why I feel so responsible for this whole thing, because when I spoke about nepotism, only one person supported me, Sushant. And after that, they went for him. No outsider supported me, they went licking their feet and they got awards, the whole system, be it, insider or outsider, went against me.”

She also revealed her equation with Sushant with respect to nepotism and said,

“When he was asked ‘what is your experience of nepotism’, he supported me. He was one of the very few who supported me, rest all these movie mafias bought these needy, struggling, outsiders. Then they were talking against me, that I and Sushant are probably the only ones who have a problem with this loving movie mafia, who were very kind and generous to them and we seemed to have a problem with them.”


Source: Republic World