These No-parking Signs From Bengaluru Have Left Netizens In Splits

As more and more vehicles are added to metro cities in India, parking has become a serious issue. People often park their vehicles in zones where it is prohibited and some even park their vehicles in front of houses. To deal with it, Benglurians have come up with creative no-parking sign boards that are spot-on for people who park vehicles anywhere they want.

Creative No-parking sign boards

Day by day there are numerous vehicles added to metro cities in India, and parking has become a serious issue. And during peak hours, most people park their vehicles in undesignated places. To deal with the problem, locals in Bengaluru have got creative with no parking signs, and they are spot-on.


Koramangala is one of the largest neighborhoods in Bengaluru. It is a residential locality popular among students and employees working at some IT companies and colleges in the area.

A Twitter user named Aditya Morarka shared two images of no-parking sign boards outside a house in Koramangala and they are now going viral.

“Koramangala house owners got no chill for vehicle owners,” Twitter user Aditya Morarka posted and shared two signs that he came across recently. “Don’t even think of parking here” read a sign in big bold letters and another said, “No parking not 5 minutes, not 3 seconds not at all”.


Twitter Reactions

While most netizens were amused at the no-parking signs, others called it a “peak Bengaluru” moment.

Meanwhile, some Twitter users also shared “savage” no-parking signs from other cities. People from other cities said that they have spotted such creative boards in several residential areas.