These Days Hindi Cinema Never Represents The Indian Culture: Anurag Kashyap

Popular filmmaker Anurag Kashyap tries to decode the situation in Bollywood these days. And tries to explain why Hindi cinema is lagging behind when it comes to making cultural movies.

Problem with Hindi Cinema

Anurag Kashyap on being asked about his opinion about the Bollywood culture these days and the way the Hindi cinema understands the script, the filmmaker gives an interesting reply.


“Down South (South Film Industry) filmmakers are coming from all directions and all walks of life. They basically understand the culture. Here (referring to Bollywood), cinema is controlled by second-generation filmmakers, who have spent most of their time in trial rooms. They have not lived a real life. So they are referencing the story that is based on cinema (Inspiring from another movie). What is not on screen can’t be a cinema for them,” said Kashyap while speaking to Galatta Plus.

Second-generation filmmakers

Explaining further, about these second-generation filmmakers, Anurag Kashyap gives an example of Yash Raj Films and the mistake they usually do.

“YRF itself is a trial room effect. You take a story and want to make a Pirates of the Caribbean out of it so it becomes Thugs Of Hindustan. You take a story and want to make a Mad Max out of it so it becomes Shamshera. The thing is, they never make the original root of the idea into a film. Because, in their head, it cant be a cinema. It’s like when they write a story they often go like- ‘This story is good and it could go like the Mad Max film’. That’s how it works.”


“These things would have worked three years back. The same Shamshera could have worked three years back. But, now people are exposed to OTT content. Watching Squid games, the audience sees the original content in it. This series was not inspired by anywhere else. People, by watching this series, try to understand Korean culture.”

The 49-year-old believes that the audience is more interested in culture, regardless of its place and kind. The cinema, being a cultural ambassador, people expect more things from the film industry. Anurag, further claims that Hindi cinema these days doesn’t represent our culture at all.

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