These Are Some Amazing Life Lessons By Bhishma Pitamah That We All Can Follow

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The life lessons from Bhishma Pitamah

The eighth son of Kuru King Shantanu, Bhishma Pitamah was known in the Mahabharata as a great orator and warrior —- when Bhishma was lying on the bed of arrows, he gave some life lessons to Yudhisthira. Read on to know more.

Bhishma had the power to choose his own time of death — when he was closer to death, he told Yudhisthira that one should stay away from certain people in life. Let’s know who those people are.


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1. Lazy people

It is said lazy people make the worst kind of friends — it is because they pass on their laziness to others as well. Being friends with a lazy person will make you disorganized and incompetent as well.

2. Non-believers

Atheism is a separate thing, but non-conforming to the power of any spiritual or mental being is a scary sign. A person who just thinks about himself should not be friends with anyone at all.

3. Aggressive

Such people who turn aggressive at the slightest provocation are very dangerous to be friends with — they tend to pass on their aggression to others and can be very toxic as well — stay away from such people.


4. Hateful people

Jealous and hateful people tend to see the negative side of everything — if they are friends with you, they will pass their negativity to you and will always complain and crib about life — avoid. Let us know to learn more about what Bhishma Pitamah had to say about life.

5. The king

Bhishma Pitamah said that a king must have some close friends, but he should stay alert of his surroundings at all times — this is true for life as well.

Besides this, he also talks about some lessons in life that we all should follow. Some of them are:


1. Different friends

It is said that each man has four types of friends — friends for a common purpose, family friends, natural friends, and artificial friends. It is said that each friend serves a different purpose in life.

2. A man should work

It is said that man should always work hard in order to raise money, take care of his family and plan a better future.

3. Taking care of money

It is said that a person should take utmost care of his treasury or his money and should never disclose its location with anyone — doing so will pave the way for a terrible death for him.


4. Protecting all

It is said that a person should always protect himself, his nation, minister, treasury, sceptre (weapon) friend, nation and city — this can be applied to today’s world as well where a person should go to any length to protect his family.

5. The biggest dharma

It is said that the biggest dharma of one’s life is compassion, that is understanding that someone else is in trouble and protecting them while putting your own life at stake.

6. Hell

According to Bhishma, there is indeed hell in the sky — it is said that those who are ungrateful and unforgiving of those around them go directly to hell.

7. Embracing life

It is said that whether it is happiness or sorrow, pleasant thing or unpleasant thing, a wise man should accept everything from his heart, never once questioning the decision of God.


8. Meeting and separating

It is said that just like pieces of wood meet and separate in the sea, in life too, people meet and then separate — hence you should not get attached with just a single person in life.