These Are 10 Offerings Dearly Loved By Lord Shiva

It’s a widely-known fact in Hinduism that, “whosoever is graced by the holy blessings of Lord Shiva never has to worry about attaining ‘mukti or moksha’.” According to ancient sages, merely chanting his name with chaste devotion brings us closer to him.

Lord Shiva is fondly addressed as ‘bholenath’ for the reason that he is easily impressed with his devotee’s devotion towards him. He is the only Hindu deity, who is known for living an ascetic life with bare nece.


Although Lord Shiva showers his blessings, if someone simply offers clean water on shivlinga, with clean, untainted loyalty, but there are certain things that angers him to the core. Previously, I shared with you the knowledge of offerings which are never accepted by Lord Shiva.

But, today we are going to share with you the knowledge of ‘10 offerings’ that are not only dearly loved by Lord Shiva, but also helps the devotee get rid of sever health problems and relationship issues, as mentioned in Shiv Purana.


1. Shiva Mantra

It is mentioned in Shiv Purana that offering water through bronze vessel, while chanting Shiva mantra brings calmness in life and warmth in aura.


2. Saffron

Religiously offering saffron on shivlinga impresses Lord Shiva and would invoke good luck and prosperity in your life.

3. Sugar

Lord Shiva loves to be adored with sugar; offering it during Rudra-abhishek or Shiv puja discards poverty from life and helps you attain peace.

4. Scent

Shiv Purana explains that smearing or offering shivalinga with scent (Itr) spread purity around the ambience impacting the devotee’s aura. This would help one stick to their path and focus on their life goals.


5. Cow Milk

Lord Shiva deeply respects his consort Goddess Parvati and her vahan (the Cow). Thus, decanting the sacred cow milk on shivalinga brings in Shiva’s blessings for good health and treating severe ailments.

6. Curd

Smearing shivalinga with freshly prepared curd or yogurt brings in calmness and seriousness in life and keeps misfortunes and bad luck at bay.

7. Cow Ghee

Only ghee prepared using Cow’s milk must be applied, offered or anointed over shivaling, if you wish to appease Lord Shiva and seek his blessings for strength, and success.


8. Sandalwood

Holy Scriptures have revealed that Sandalwood is dearly loved by Lord Shiva, as it cools down his rage and anger. Therefore, coating the sacred shivalinga with sandalwood paste pleases the Lord. It invites fame, recognition, and power in society.

9. Honey

Offering honey onto shivalinga brings in the sweetness in a person’s life and personality.

10. Bhaang

This is the most beloved entity to Shiva. Offering bhang leaves or paste onto shivalinga, discards the negativity and evil presence from your life and brings all the misfortune to an end.

Source: Speaking Tree