The US Prepares the World’s Longest Pizza (1.9-KM Long), Breaks the Guinness World Record

Longest Pizza

The US has again left us in splits by preparing the World’s Longest Pizza measuring a massive 1,930 meters in length. It is said that over 100 Chefs from the US has joined to cook up this mammoth Pizza and we are drooling here.

The volunteers from California came together to make this dream a reality and thereby beating the previous record of 1,853.88 meters that was set in Italy. Italy is the birthplace of Pizza in case if you didn’t know.

World’s Longest Pizza

Longest Pizza

Thanks to, a US-based restaurant equipment company who took the first step and successfully managed to prepare the World’s Longest Pizza. What if I told you that 3,632 kilograms of dough, 1,624 kilograms of cheese, and 2,542 kilograms of the sauce was used in making? Yes, it was not prepared just for the sake of making a World record. Post event, all Pizza slices were donated to local food banks and poor houses of the city.(Source: AFP)

Longest Pizza

It was not an easy walk as it ran along a conveyer belt which passed through three industrial ovens and the 8 hours of non-stop cooking. Congratulations US for the World Guinness Record and India, any plans to set a new record by preparing the World’s Longest Roti?

As you are here, let me take you through the Amazing facts about Pizza and Fact#1 is that Pizza tastes heaven when eaten from your friend’s pocket.

Fact #2

The most Expensive Pizza in the World is Pizza Louis XIII of Renato Viola that costs you $12000

Fact #3

In the US, 4% of Pizza eaten by Children is for breakfast

Fact #4

In 2014, IWU Chapel at Wesleyan University gave a tip of $1268 to Domino’s Pizza delivery driver James Gilpin

Fact #5

Pizza is a 30 bBillion $ Industry in the US

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