The type of lottery in Vietnam today

lottery in vietnam

There is no denying that playing the lottery was no stranger to many people. So what types of lottery are there in Vietnam? The following article will provide their information for you.

Traditional lottery

The traditional lottery has been maintained for nearly 50 years, the traditional lottery is one of the first types of lottery born in Vietnam. Players are not allowed to choose their own numbers; they only need to buy tickets that have printed numbers and compare them with the result at the end of the day. In addition, they have to collate their numbers with all draws on the same day with 27 draws and 28 compare. Check out to play, get the ticket, lottery prediction daily.

The type of lottery in Vietnam today

The traditional lottery has been maintained for nearly 50 years, the traditional lottery is one of the first types of lottery born in Vietnam. Source:


Bingo with 2 and 3 numbers: In order to meet the entertainment needs of the players and the diversification of the lottery, bingo was officially launched in 1994. Players only need to select 2-3 numbers and notify the dealer to fill in the available boxes on the bingo ticket. The results will then be compared with the special tickets that day. Bingo with 2 and 3 number selections in denominations of 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 and 50,000.

With the same properties as the 2 and 3-digit bingo, in this type, the player will have to choose the corresponding number of pairs and compare the results with 27 traditional lottery prizes daily. However, players are only allowed to claim the highest value and the winning numbers on one ticket must be different pairs of numbers

Bingo 6×36

In this type, players will choose a set of 6 numbers and compare them with the jackpot of a traditional lottery. If the player has a 6-digit set coinciding with a prize worth VND 2 billion, then the prize will be calculated as the highest percentage of the actual revenue of the issuance and posting at the ticket-selling establishments. In case there is no winner, the prize money will be added to the special prize of the next period but must not exceed VND 5 billion. Amounts exceeding VND 5 billion will be remitted into the state budget and serve social welfare programs. If there are multiple winning tickets, the total prize value will be divided equally.

Lottery peeling

It is a type of lottery that is enclosed in a sealed bag, the player randomly selects a bag and the player can immediately know the result on the ticket after opening the bag. The manufacturing process of this type of lottery is tight and discreet under the supervision of the lottery council.

Lottery calculator

Lottery 1 2 3: For this type of lottery, players can win special prizes of up to 5 billion Viet Nam Dong if winning the whole set including 10 tickets of the category 5000d and winning all 3 sets of 1/2/3


  • Mega 6/45

It was released in 2016, Mega 6/45 is the latest type released by Vietlott. Mega 6/45 lottery, or lottery, players will select 6 numbers in a matrix of 45 numbers from 1 to 45. The face value of a lottery ticket is 10,000 VND and the minimum prize starts From 12 billion, when there is no winner, the prize will continue to accrue or return to 12 billion when there is a winner. The lucky draw schedule is every 4.6 and Sunday. Currently, to have a higher probability of winning, there are many players who apply the Mega 6/45 statistical rules.

  • Max 4D

Max 4D is Vietlott’s 2nd product, in this category, the probability of winning is higher. The way to play Max 4D is also quite simple, players only need to select 4 numbers to form their own set of numbers. Then watch the lottery live and compare results. The first prize of Max 4D is only 15 million, but the value is not high but easy to win, so many players choose to pray for good luck.

  • Power 6/55

It has the same form as Mega 6/45. However, the player must select 6 numbers in a set from 01 to 55 to make the winning set. The prize structure of Power 6/55 includes 1 Jackpot 1 maximum of 300 billion, 1 Jackpot 2 minimum of 7 billion with the first, second and third prizes. The prize value is higher than Mega 6/45, so the probability of winning will be lower than the remaining products. The lucky draw schedule for Power 6/55 will be available live on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Why should you play the lottery periodically?

Playing the automatic lottery with numbers that you love is the choice of saving, both fun and still bring the chance to win for players. With the development of technology, today we do not need manual lottery tickets or wait for sellers like before. With lottery types like Vietlott, even foreign ones like the US, Europe, etc, buying lottery tickets online has become easier than ever.

How to play the lottery right?

After all, buying lottery tickets is a test of your luck. That means nothing can be certain. Risk only affects much if you play too much money at once

So what’s the solution?

Yes, simply choose how to play the lottery periodically

Then, you just need to choose your lucky number sequence with only one or a few tickets at once, the sequence will automatically be purchased for the next game. This way is simple, economical, but still giving regular hope with each prize spin. Because all of us wish to have a better life, right?

If you are a person who does not have economic conditions, we strongly recommend that you do not play the lottery. If you’re more comfortable with your budget, why not try your luck?



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