The Trailer of ‘Pedro’ is out and it’s no less than a masterpeice!

The official trailer of the much awaited Kannada film ‘Pedro’ is out. The film looks brilliant, with amazing on screen portrayal and screenplay. The film is produced by Rishab Shetty and directed by Nagesh Hegde. The film stars Raj B Shetty, Gopal Hegde and others.

More facts

The film has already been screened in international film festivals like Busan and London and Indian festivals as well. Now it is all set to hit the theaters. Its narrative is based on the countryside and interweaves plots from this point of view.


“I have always felt that when you watch so-called rural films, you don’t get a sense of their real problems.” said the filmmaker. “Communalism is more pronounced than before,” Hegde observed. “I wanted to see how far a man and a mob can go. You see these videos of people being beaten up – only a mob can carry out this kind of violence.

Hegde talent has also been seen in the short films like Kurli that he has directed. He also has a small role in the film.

Watch the trailer: