With 15 Different Flavors, The Smoke Studio Provides Doorstep Shisha Service Across Bengaluru


Have a Birthday or a private party? Want to have a Shisha? Call The Smoke studio. They have Shisha catering services for all type of events or parties, bringing shisha to your doorstep anywhere in Bengaluru. Whether its early afternoon or late night afterparty, they are ready to serve shisha at your required time.

the smoke studio

Hookah is gaining popularity nationwide, especially among urban youth, and young professionals. A proper shisha has a head with holes in the bottom, a metal body, a water bowl, and one or more flexible pipe with a mouthpiece. The specially made molasses used in shisha comes in flavors such as apple, mint, cherry, chocolate, coconut, licorice, cappuccino, watermelon, and more that appeal, especially to millennials.

the smoke studio

Shisha at your doorstep

The smoke studio has different services offering you, such as Private Parties, Events (Birthdays, Weddings, Office Outings, etc), Operations Contract Set-up, and also Consultation Product Sales which is coming soon. All the necessary material and service will be taken care of by Smoke Studio. Services will be provided to the entire length of the event.

That means, your guests and you can enjoy shisha as long as you like, and not worry about the rest. Additionally, they will also send trained personnel in uniform to help you with the needed.

The Smoke studio

Officially started operating in April 2017, the Smoke Studio offers professional Shisha catering services taking orders anywhere in Bengaluru. In terms of flavor options, they take prior preference from the customers. However, it does not limit there – they also give as many as 15 or more flavors for customers to choose from.

Disclaimer: The Hookah Service is for above 18 years only. Tobacco smoking is injurious to health. 

Contact Details:

For further enquires/sampling call Jay Patel – 7411125834 Santhosh Noble – 7899900195

• Email – [email protected] / [email protected]

• Facebook – www.facebook.com/thesmokestudio

• Instagram – @thesmokestudio




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