The Siddaramaih Government in Karnataka unveiled a NEW ‘Tricolor’ state Flag on Thursday

state flag

Tit-Bit: The Siddaramaih Government in Karnataka has unveiled a Tricolor state flag on Thursday designed by a committee headed by Kannada Development Authority (KDA). On Thursday, the committee has submitted the new design to Chief minister at the Vidhana Soudha, awaits Centre’s consent.

Karnataka to get a new State Flag

Speaking to media, Siddaramaiah said, “Kannada flag is not unconstitutional. It is not barred by the Constitution. The only thing is we have to hoist it below the national flag, which we will anyway do. We will send the design to the Centre. Hope they approve it. There has been a long pending demand for it. I am happy that we finally have a Kannada Baavuta (Kannada Flag).”


Karnataka had an Informal Flag

Previously, Karnataka had an unofficial yellow and red colored flag used by Kannada Organisations and other groups. The same flag was used at State and Government functions however on public demand, Siddaramaiah had formed a design committee under KDA to come out with a new design.

state flag

The context of Kannada flag had led to a dispute between the ruling Congress and opposition BJP when the committee was formed. We have seen BJP leaders like Shobha Karandlaje questioning the necessity for new design and yelling at the decision for a practice of divisive politics. However, they had to take back their stand owing to the public uproar.

The new design has come in the colors of yellow – white -red and it has a state emblem “Ganda Bherunda”, a two-headed mythical bird in the middle. It is said that the chief minister has accepted the design and has assured the committee about center’s approval.


Information Source: News 18.

So, what do you think about the new Tricolor Karnataka Flag? How did you like the design? Please share your view in the comments below.

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