The Permit Room: From Donne Biryani To Vodka-Based Chill Pill Maadi, This Gastropub Is Absolutely Bengalurian


The latest addition to Bengaluru’s drink and dine spectrum is The Permit Room which certainly is a city pub but a lot different than the rest. This new gastropub is located just opposite to the Garuda mall. It is a type of place where you step in for a drink but end up eating a good meal as well.  

The Three-Floored Pub Sets Up An Unconventional Tone

The place offers the perfect blend of cool and sophisticated ambiance laced with artistic and funky touch ups in between. It is spread across three floors. The moment you step in, you are drawn to the funky artwork and the unconventional lineups of quirky animal heads, and kitschy posters. The monotony is subtly broken by the classic Raja Ravi Verma paintings.

However, here there is a major twist. The paintings have some irreverent humorous changes like rifle replacing the musical instrument or the fruit platter being replaced by a tray of alcohol. So, naturally, on your first visit the overall ambiance mesmerizes you as you check out each corner and walls of the pub.

On a cool day, you can enjoy an overview of the Bengaluru city from the topmost floor where the terrace bar of The Permit Room is located.   

the permit room

Versatility In Concoctions  

When you pick up and browse through the menu card, what strikes you first is the unusual offerings of concoctions. Surprisingly, the twist inclines more towards the South Indian flavor. So if you are fond of South Indian foods, then the concoctions are just going to be a lifetime experience.

For those who love sweet cocktails, whiskey cocktail blended with rasam powder and curry leaves is just perfect. Or else you can choose the aati’s Magic Rasam which is yet another better alternative.

Some such fantastic and unexpected surprises in the concoctions include Fizzy Kosambiri, a gin-based concoction with cucumber, grated coconut, and pomegranate, a vodka-based Chill Pill Maadi with pineapple, cucumber, and coriander garnish, Melon Puchkai- a watermelon and cranberry juice blend with a dash of mint and more.

the permit room

Snacks With Twist At The Permit Room

The hot favorite here is the inventive munchies which are expectedly dominated by the South Indian flavors served with a contemporary presentation. So what should you try in snacks here? Flaky Nizaami Haleem Samosas that are stuffed with caramelized onion filling and a curried lamb paste is a good one.

The all-time South Indian snack Kodubale & Nippattu is also available albeit it comes with sour cream and green onion topping. Idli Souffle from the look resembles poached eggs. However, The Permit Room version is a much sassier, and smoother than the original.

The sambhar covers the idlis as yolky sphere atop and is accompanied by chutney similar to mousse. It may not be the best but is simply a novelty and should be tried at least once. The Brain Dry Fry is another novelty which is a type of bheja masala that comes encased in a crispy moneybag-type wanton parcel. Laden with masala filling it is mostly loved by the non-offal eaters.

the permit room

The most perfect accompaniment can be a chilled beer bottle. Some other options in the snacks section include Okra Podi chips with perfectly crisp and fried ladies fingers slivers served with sour cream or the Boneless Chicken Roast served with coconut chutney. For some, the chutney as an accompaniment does not blend well but for a South Indian foodie, it may seem quite just perfect.   

Meals Here Are A Treat As Well

The pub culture generally does not include having a three-course meal. But at The Permit Room, you can certainly drop these ideas and enjoy the donne biryani or the Mysuru Saaru Curry and the Chicken Ghee Roast.

The latter is a regular chicken roast dish with chicken legs cooked with ghee roast masala. It is served with a sauteed beans poriyal and ghee rice.

The pieces of lamb served with mildly-spiced coconut chutney and coin parathas makeup for a delectable meal. For the afters, you can select the Filter Kappi Pot Du Creme which comes with dark coffee flavored mousse. The accompaniments include Thattukada banana fritters.   

the permit room

All these names on the menu-list are just a few. But one thing is sure that the entire theme followed by The Permit Room from posters and food to beverages, repackages the traditional South Indian taste with the contemporary ones. Such culinary experiments indeed add more quality and versatility to the foodscape of Bengaluru.

Open: 12 PM – 11:30 PM

Where: 16/3, Commissariat Road, Opp to Garuda Mall, Brigade Road, Bengaluru.

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