The Paragliding Guy Whose Video Went Viral On Internet Wants To Go Skydiving Next

source: Youtube

From JCB ki Kudai to Brown matured bags, social media has been crazy when it comes to trending any humor content. Internet is an insane platform where crazy and weird things can go viral without your expectations. One such video went viral on social media where a guy is seen doing paragliding and curses himself for taking such a disastrous decision. Believe it or not, the same guy has now taken a new challenge to go for skydiving, literally like test my speed.

Vipin Sahu, the internet sensation

The internet sensation, Vipin Sahu hails from UP who with a fear for heights was forced to take a ride by his friends. Taking his fear in check the 24-year-old decides to paraglide which he earlier thought to be a wonderful journey. The young man was attached to an expert who seems to be guiding him through the ride.


However, as soon as the gliding starts, Sahu is seen shouting and regretting his decision to come up. Throughout the video, he is seen pleading his guide to drop him back and he is seen begging to show him mercy.

His next challenge

The video went viral on the internet, not because for the paragliding in Himachal but Sahu’s reaction throughout the video. Sahu is now overwhelmed by the response he got for this video. He said, “ I am glad that I have received a lot of love from people and I am happy that I could make so many people laugh.”

His family was shocked to see Vipul’s reaction in the video because he usually remains quiet in his home and never had such behavior. Seeing him in a new avatar, his family were amazed to witness his real side of his life. Interestingly, the young man also revealed that he wants to overcome his fear more and the next thing he wants to do is sky diving.



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