The Only Golden Tiger In The Wild Has Been Spotted In India’s Kazinranga National Park

There are many exotic species in the world that exist only in one part of the world and are not found anywhere else. What is more special and rare for a species to be the only one in the particular region.

Over the years, there has been a lot of debate and awareness about the extinction of tigers in the world and India has been making special efforts to preserve the species. However, not many know that India is the home of a Golden Tiger which is the only one recorded in the world in this century.


Golden Tiger (1)

IFS Parveen Kaswan shared the images of the Golden Tiger which was clicked by the Wildlife photographer Mayuresh Hendre. The photo was taken at the Kaziranga National Park. The images were clicked some time ago but the reshared images are going viral on social media. Parveen Kaswan wrote,

“Rare gold-colored tiger by camera trap from India. The very rare occurrence of a golden tiger in the wild. Some say it is caused by a recessive gene that gets expressed due to extensive inbreeding. Looks different!”

It is named as ‘Goldie’

The Golden Tiger which is fondly called Golden Tabby Tiger is considered as the rare morph of a Royal Bengal Tiger. According to many experts, the occurrence is believed to be caused because of the recessive genes in individuals and is also caused by a result of inbreeding with a fragmented population. It is caused by habitat destruction and loss of connectivity.

As per a Wild Karnataka post, Mayuresh, the photographer, has fondly named the female tiger as ‘Goldie’. He has spotted the tiger six times so far. In the same post of Wild Karnataka, the female golden tiger is the only recorded individual of the species in the wild in this 21st century. However, Golden tigers can be found in zoos and inbreeding centers across the world but have no verified records of a golden tiger in the wild exist. Currently, the Golden tiger is at the Kaziranga National Park.



Source: India Times