The Online Search For ‘Nepotism In Bollywood’ Spiked By 2000 Percent After Sushant’s Death

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Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has caused massive outrage on Twitter and other social media platforms. The outrage has largely been directed towards star kids and those who promote star kids often.

According to a recent study, on June 14th, when Sushant passed away, and June 15th, the search of the word “nepotism in Bollywood” spiked by 2000 percent. The study was done by SEMrush which tracked the word “nepotism” in searches from May 2019 and June 2020. During this period, as per the study, nepotism was searched for almost 62,458 times every month. However, all the searches might not be related to the film industry as the word nepotism is a very commonly used term. But, those who have searched with keywords “nepotism in Bollywood” are definitely looking for the word in relation to the film industry.


Post Sushant’s sudden demise, there has been a massive spike in the search. After the spike, there was also a dramatic fall in the searches of “nepotism in Bollywood”.  On June 15th and 16th, the number of times this keyword was searched fell by a margin of 153 percent.

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Courtesy: DNA News

Twitter Trends

The study also tracked the searches on Twitter and studies the impact the microblogging site had on the demise of the young actor. The study found out that there was a massive surge in the times a tweet was attributed to the hashtags #NepotismBollywood #BollywoodBlockedSushant #JusticeForSushantRajput and #KaranJoharIsBULLY. By the end of the third day after Sushant’s death, the number of tweets attributed to these hashtags was 3,961, 10,520, 36,292, and 10,230 respectively. On June 14th, the same hashtags were only used 33 times. The study, therefore, concludes that the film industry is in favor of the insiders.

Fernando Angulo, the head of communications, SEMrush, spoke about the study and said,


“Our study should serve as a caution to Bollywood. Many who love its movies secretly aspire to stardom, when these aspiring stars feel they have no chance of realizing their hidden ambitions, their enthusiasm for Bollywood’s fare may wane. For Bollywood to be seen in the best possible light, it must not allow for a repeat for what happened to Sushant. It should give outsiders who are talented the same chance as that given to insiders. When the masses see that outsiders with no links to the movie industry are making it big, they will view Bollywood’s productions in a more favorable light. As a result, the receipts earned by the box office will increase.”


Source: Free Press Journal