The Makers Of KGF Chapter 2 Have Left A Major Clue: Anant Nag Will Not Be Part Of The Film

The teaser of KGF Chapter 2 is already shattering records online. The teaser has been cut brilliantly, and the fans have been feasted to some awesome visuals and mind-blowing music. Amidst all this, there is one aspect that is worrying the fans of KGF Chapter 1.

Prakash Raj has provided the voice-over for the teaser

Versatile actor Prakash Raj has provided the voice-over for the recently released teaser. While he is okay with his job, the fans are starting to worry that he might have replaced Anant Nag for Chapter 2. This is because it was the veteran actor who had taken the narration duties in the first chapter.


Moreover, a couple of months ago, there were rumors that Anant Nag had quite KGF Chapter 2 over creative differences. Later on, the shoot stills of Prakash Raj were released, and they looked similar to the surroundings of Anant Nag’s role in Chapter 1. Adding to all of this, Hombale Films have left a clue that suggests that Anant Nag might indeed not be a part of Chapter 2.

A clue left by Hombale Films

While the makers have credited every actor who is part of the film, there is one certain name missing in the Youtube description of the teaser. Anant Nag’s name is not there, and that could mean that he may not be part of the film. Well, that could be bad news for the countless fans of the actor.